Literacy Week at Brunskill

Each day of the week, starting on Monday January 27th until Friday January 31st, the staff and students will be engaged in fun reading activities. On Monday, “Cuddle Up and Read” Students and staff wear PJs and bring their favorite stuffed animal. On Tuesday, “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover” Students learn a valuable lesson. They will realize although a book cover might look uninteresting, it’s the words inside that make the story come to life. Likewise, students and staff dress in mismatched clothes. The lesson learned is not what is on the outside that counts, but rather, what is on the inside. On Wednesday, “Mystery Reader Day” A teacher, principal, or parent comes to each classroom with a book to read. No one knows who it will be until they walk thru the door. On Thursday, “Reading is No Sweat Day” teachers and students wear sweat suits to school. Students and teachers can jump rope and sing songs/poems. On Friday, “Take a Bite Out of a Good Book” Teachers bring a snack to school for their students to enjoy while they listen to a “book talk “Buddy Read” Students will buddy read at school with a friend. After the week has concluded, we hope that the students have enjoyed a week filled with reading excitement!