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Big Plans for a Little Park – Albert Rec. Unit

Albert Recreational Unit, at the corner of Clarence Avenue and 13th Street, has been a little park in the Nutana and Varsity View neighbourhoods for over 70 years – starting as a paddling pool and then expanding with a surrounding park and playground.

While the park has served us well over these years – both as a neighbourhood destination on hot summer days and as a fun playground area – the park is beginning to show its age, especially in the style and condition of its playground.

A small ambitious neighbourhood group wants to change this. We want to update the park and playground equipment to give a boost to the park’s usage and its longevity.

These may be big plans for our little park, but we believe that the neighbourhood deserves and will support a great little park like this. Ideas and concepts are still being discussed, but in broad strokes the committee is focused on these goals:
– maintain the paddling pool and building
– increase the green space
– modernize some (or all) of the playground equipment
– make the park a safe and welcoming place for all in the neighbourhood

Our energetic group is meeting regularly and we look forward to sharing our ideas with the neighbourhood, both for community feedback and also to begin fundraising.

We welcome your comments and suggestions as we begin making our big plans, and trust you will help support our little park.

Help us make our little park a big success!

The Albert Rec. Unit Committee:
Rahul Mainra (chair), Tanya Bell, Anu Bhargava, Barb Giles, Trevor Morog, Beth Wall, Sarah Williams, Roger Williamson
Contact us by email: bigplans@nutana.ca

Chief Darcy Bear Park – Naming of the Park Celebration

Chief Darcy Bear Park (beside Nutana Collegiate) Naming of the Park Celebration – Wednesday June 3rd 11am.

The City has taken responsibility of the old Nutana Collegiate school field (and once the Saskatoon Exhibition grounds), and re-landscaped it with a Community Garden and play structure. The park has been named after Chief Darcy Bear in recognition of his accomplishments, the longstanding relationship between the Whitecap Dakota First Nation the City, and the School Board (and the fact that Chief Darcy Bear is a Nutana Collegiate Graduate himself).

Come out to this historic event, there will be a Naming Ceremony and a BBQ as part of the celebration.

Varsity View and Nutana Neighbourhood Traffic Plans

Varsity View and Nutana Neighbourhood Traffic Plans

Varsity View and Nutana neighbourhoods have both undergone neighbourhood traffic planning processes that have resulted in a number of proposals to improve traffic safety. These will be recommended for approval at City Council on Monday, May 25.

Nutana’s plan can be found at page 1189 of the Full Council Agenda. The main changes being proposed in Nutana are:

• Closure of the 9th St on-ramp onto the Idylwyld Freeway and removal of the roundabout at 9th and McPherson (to reduce cross-cutting traffic down 9th St)
• Installation of pedestrian activated crosswalks at 9th and Broadway and 11th and Clarence
• Alterations at intersection of Lansdowne/Temperance/14th including: Closure of small section of 14th between Temperance and Lansdowne; Reconfiguration of median to create more defined turns onto Temperance from Lansdowne and vice versa to reduce high speed cornering and accidents at that corner.
• Plus numerous more minor additional curb extensions, signage, and other changes to address specific interesections.

Varsity View’s Traffic Plan can be found at page 133 of the Council Agenda: The changes being proposed are not as significant in Varsity View, but consist of a number of new crosswalks, additional signage, as well as the pedestrian light at Clarence and 11th. There is also a recommendation to install a barrier at Main St and Wiggins forcing East/West traffic to be diverted to reduce the cross cutting traffic down Main St. This proposal was not considered at the neighbourhood meeting as a whole and has raised some concerns at the Community Association level because it was outside of the rest of the process so will be revisited for further discussion.

Nutana Speaks: Wednesday April 29th

Nutana Speaks: Wednesday April 29th 6:30pm at Ecole Victoria School –

The wonderful Sum Theatre Company is embarking on an exciting initiative to generate theatre and the arts at the neighbourhood level in Nutana and are inviting you to an evening of “Dotmocracy and Discussion” on the question – How can Sum Theatre create more arts and cultural opportunities in Nutana? This is a pioneering partnership with a Community Association. The way the producers explained it: this is only the first of several neighbourhoods they would like to work with if the experiment goes well.

Nutana Neighbourhood Traffic Review

Thursday, January 9, 2015
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Albert Community Centre
610 Clarence Avenue South

On October 1, 2013, Nutana neighbourhood residents participated in discussion and identified issues and ideas to address traffic concerns in their neighbourhood. On September 9, 2014 residents provided comments on the Draft Neighbourhood Traffic Plan.

On Thursday, January 8, 2015 Nutana residents, business owners, property owners, local groups and other stakeholders will have the opportunity to comment on:

– Revised traffic control in the area bound by Clarence Avenue, Victoria Avenue, 12th Street and 8th Street (including Main Street and cut-through traffic)
– Dufferin Avenue sample roundabouts
– 9th Street shortcutting issues – Idylwyld Drive directional closure and removal of roundabout at McPherson Avenue
– The intersections of 14th Street/Temperance Street/Lansdowne Avneue safety issues – roadway realignment

The meeting will be hosted by the City of Saskatoon, Transportation Division.

Please join us as we discuss the traffic issues the affect you and your neighbourhood.

For drawings of the proposed changes please visit the Shaping Saskatoon webpage