Albert Community Centre – Rental Rates & Contract Information

Rental Options

Meeting Rooms (13, 22, 28)AmountGSTTOTAL
3 hours minimum rate------
Daily (8am-6pm)------
Please call (306) 653-1737 to get rates

Auditorium (21)AmountGSTTOTAL
Hourly commercial------
3 hours (minimum rate)------
Daily (8am-6pm)------
Lock up fee/hourly security----
Please call (306) 653-1737 to get rates

3 hours; am, pm or eve.------
Daily (8am-6pm)------
Please call (306) 653-1737 to get rates


Rental information: Program Manager – Phone 306-653-1737. Leave a message for the Program Manager to rent a room or submit payments, confirm arrangements. Please leave your contact information so they can return your call.

Building Information: Appointments are required for any necessary key pick up. Contact the Program Manager (see above) to arrange an appointment.

Emergency Contact: Emergency Contact is Service Saskatoon at 306-975-2476. They are available 24/7 and will direct your call to the appropriate service person.

Albert Hours

  • 7:00 am to 10:30 pm seven days a week
  • Closed Christmas Day
  • Most functions must vacate the building by 10:30 pm
  • Weddings and other parties may be authorized to vacate the building by 2:00 am
  • Renters must allow sufficient clean-up time to meet the building lock-up hours

Rental Agreement

  • The signed agreement must be completed prior to booking.
  • Payment must be forwarded prior to the rental.
  • Rents are not refundable or transferable.
  • Deposits are required to guarantee a booking for all parties or weddings.
  • Any post-dated cheques required must be submitted with the agreement.
  • We do not accept credit or debit card payments.
  • Subletting of space is not allowed.
  • Any damage deposit will be voided following your event, after the ACC/City of Saskatoon has confirmed the rental requirements have been met.
  • Any damage is the responsibility of the renter. You will be charged the actual cost of repair, cleaning or replacement.
  • Set up and clean up are the responsibility of the tenant. Tables and chairs are provided but the tenant must set them up and replace them as designated following the event.

Cancellation / Refusal to Rent

Failure to comply with the rental requirements will result in cancellation of the booking without notification. The Albert Community Centre reserves the right to cancel or refuse bookings for any group or individual, when in its opinion:

  1. There is a risk of damage, or loss to the facility, premises or equipment.
  2. The rental may disrupt the programs of other renters.
  3. The renter lacks the necessary discipline or co-operation to fulfill the rental requirements.
  4. There has been a previous breech of operating policies and agreements.
  5. The rent has not been paid or is in arrears.

Event and Cleaning Requirements

  1. Set up and clean up are the responsibility of the tenant. Tables and chairs are provided but the tenant must set them up and replace them as designated following the event.
  2. Decorating is permitted providing there is no damage to painted surfaces and all decorations, tacks, staples, strings, etc. are removed. Tacks are only permitted on the wooden beams in the loft. Ladders are available.
  3. The Liquor Permit must be posted, and the tenant must adhere to its terms.
  4. Our Building Security is responsible for checking your permit, and patrolling the building and grounds. Please let them know who your contact person is. Notify them if you have a problem with the building, and when you are leaving. Security will arm the building alarm at that time.
  5. You are responsible for ensuring that your group complies with all rental requirements. The Building Security may assist you in the event of any problems, by calling the Police if necessary, to prevent damage to property or injury to people.
  6. Janitorial supplies in the Loft are kept in a storage room in the men’s washroom. The supplies are kept near the kitchen in the hallway on the second floor. Mops, pails, brooms, garbage bags, and extra toilet paper are provided. Dish soap, cleaning cloths and small pails are not provided.
  7. Cleaning requirements include:
    a) wash, stack, and return tables and chairs to designated area.
    b) Wash the bar unit and wipe up all spills in the bar area.
    c) Dry mop the floor and wet mop any spills
    d) Remove all food, liquor, and dishes from the kitchen and bar area.
    e) Wash kitchen counters, wipe out fridges, clean stove top and any spills in the oven.
    f) Take all garbage out to the dumpster in the parking lot. Wet mop any spills in the elevator.
    g) Move rental supplies out of the way, or into storage room, if they can’t be returned immediately.
    h) Leave air conditioner on designated setting, close any open window, and shut off lights when leaving.
    i) Return keys as instructed the following business day.