Fall 2023 Registration

Registration will take place in the small gym at Brunskill School on Thursday, September 7 & Tuesday September 12, 2023, from 7:00PM – 8:30PM.

A membership fee of $10/individual OR $20/family per year is required to participate in programs and must be presented at the time of registration. Varsity View Community Association honours other community association memberships.

In an effort to ensure everyone who wants to participate can, cost-as-a-barrier assistance is available for those facing hardships. To inquire, please contact Barb ( All inquiries are confidential.

Email the Indoor Program Coordinator with registration or program questions.

Fall 2023 Programs:

Programs and startup dates subject to change. Please confirm dates, times and programs at registration night.

Tae Kwon Do - Beginner4-6Main Gym
M&W; 6-6:30 PMSep 18 - Nov 22$85
Tae Kwon Do - Beginner7-adultMain Gym
M&W; 6:30-7:15 PMSep 18 - Dec 6$85
Tae Kwon Do - Intermediate8+Main GymM&W; 7:15-8:30 PMSep 18 - Dec 6$125
Tae Kwon Do - Advanced10+Main GymM&W; 7:15-9:30 PMSep 18 - Dec 6$150
Art for AdultsAdultArt roomW; 7-9 PMSep 20 - Nov 22$150
Badminton (racket req'd)AdultMain GymTU; 8-10 PMSep 19 - Nov 28$45
Badminton (racket req'd)AdultMain GymTH; 8-10 PMSep 21 - Nov 23$45
Conversational Spanish-BeginnerAdultLibraryTU; 6-7 PMSep 19 - Nov 28$110
Conversational Spanish-IntermediateAdultLibraryTU; 7:05-8:05 PMSep 19 - Nov 28$110
Yoga - multi levelAdultMPRW; 6:30-8 PMSep 20 - Nov 22$110
Art for Children6-12Art RoomTH; 6:30-7:30 PMSep 21 - Nov 23$50
Fall Indoor SoccerU5, U7, U9
(see further information below)
Register online only through RAMP Registration site. Registration closes August 31, 2023.
Community Basketball online only through SMBA site.


Another Summer has come and gone!! It is that time again to start thinking on what to do now that the routines are getting back into place!

A few changes in some programs are taking place, Yoga is moving to Wednesday nights, Tae Kwon Do will be offering two beginner classes with different age groups with both going twice a week, the Art For Adult program will be for two hours and we will have a new Art For Children instructor and she has some great new ideas and crafts.

The registration nights are Thursday September 7th, & Tuesday September 12th at 7-8:30pm in the small gym at Brunskill School. We accept cash, cheques made out to VVCA, or e-transfers sent to

Dates and/or times may change so make sure you print your email clearly when signing up for programs so that the instructor can contact you if needed. If you are unable to attend registration nights you may contact me ( and I will get you registered.

Calling all volunteers: we are now in need of a new Soccer Coordinator! Come on out and meet some people in the neighbourhood, and help with making the community as great as it already is! We need your help! We also could us some more Rink volunteers! Please contact the VVCA board with any questions or if you just want to step up!

Here’s to to a great 2023-2024 year!

– Barb

Program Descriptions

Fall 2023 Community Indoor Soccer Registration

U5: Under-5 Community
Born: 2019
Game Day: Sunday
Number of Games: 14; predominately at Saskatoon Kinsmen Henk Ruys Soccer Centre (219 Primrose Drive)
Season Length: Oct 22 – Mar 18
U7 Girls: Under-7 Girls Community
Born: 2017/2018
Game Day: Sunday
Number of Games: 14; predominately at Saskatoon Kinsmen Henk Ruys Soccer Centre (219 Primrose Drive)
Season Length: Oct 22 – Mar 18
U7 Boys: Under-7 Boys Community
Born: 2017/2018
Game Day: Sunday
Number of Games: 14; predominately at Saskatoon Kinsmen Henk Ruys Soccer Centre (219 Primrose Drive)
Season Length: Oct 22 – Mar 18
U9 Girls: Under-9 Girls Community
Born: 2015/2016
Game Day: Sunday
Number of Games: 14; predominately at Saskatoon Kinsmen Henk Ruys Soccer Centre (219 Primrose Drive)
Season Length: Oct 22 – Mar 18
U9 Boys: Under-9 Boys Community
Born: 2015/2016
Game Day: Sunday
Number of Games: 14; predominately at Saskatoon Kinsmen Henk Ruys Soccer Centre (219 Primrose Drive)
Season Length: Oct 22 – Mar 18
The deadline to close registration will be Thursday August 31, 2023.

For more information, contact

U9: D-League OPTION
Born: 2015 / 2016
Number of Games: 14
Game: Sunday
Location: predominately at SKHRSC, 219 Primrose Dr
Season Length: Oct 22 – March 17
Typically a 1 game to 2 practice ratio
Cost: $450
Zone: Eastside, 

Basketball Registration

Registration for 2023 Fall/Winter SMBA league can be found at Registration opens July 10, 2023 and continues until September 1.

Dunkaroos- for kids in grade 1 and 2 that teaches players the fundamental skills of basketball. The sessions involve skill development and small area game play that is modified to meet the needs of the young players. Dunkaroos runs only on Saturday’s and is in the same location and time each week.  The program runs from Mid October to Mid February.

Community League
SMBA offers a community development league for kids and youth from Grade 3 to Grade 12.
We work with the community associations to create teams, assign coaches. The community coordinator assigns the practice times with the coaches and communications comes from the coach to the individual players and families.
Games are played on Saturday’s and are scheduled by the SMBA.
We are using Teamlinkt as our website and the teamlinkt app and schedules will synced and available directly on your mobile device
Registration is run through the SMBA website. When registering please select the community association you live in and this is where you will play. If your community does not offer basketball you will be placed in the next closest community association that does.
Please ensure you register in the appropriate age group by selecting the correct form based on age group-see below info to help you determine where to register:

Spuds  is for Grades 3 and 4 aged kids – our spuds season runs from mid October to Mid February  – the coaches referee the games and the kids play 4 on 4.  There are no play-offs for Spuds so the season wraps in February.

Minis  is for Grade 5 and 6 – season runs from mid October to Mid/End of February which is followed by playoffs in march – all teams make the playoffs. Referees are provided for all games

Bantam is for Grades 7 and 8 season runs from mid October to Mid/End of February which is followed by playoffs in march – all teams make the playoffs. All games are full court and referees are provided.

Junior is for Grade 9 and 10 – season runs from mid December to Mid March which inlcudes playoffs – all teams make the playoffs. All games are full court and referees are provided

Senior is for Grades 11 and 12 – seeason runs from mid December to Mid March which inlcudes playoffs – all teams make the playoffs. All games are full court and referees are provided

Art for Adults

This class caters to adults who relish intellectual and creative activities at their leisure. This course aims to stimulate one’s creativity and help them find joy and satisfaction in art-making. Through intuitive, artistic experiments and disciplined instruction, the students will learn to express themselves through the elusive means of visual language.

Throughout the course’s duration, the students will gain fundamental knowledge of the practical and theoretical aspects of multiple artistic mediums; learn about different art styles, both historical and contemporary; and gradually develop a unique taste in aesthetics and an appreciation for high cultures.

Each season of the class will have its unique theme, within which we will be exploring a multitude of media, subject matters, and thematically appropriate techniques. Majorities of supplies will be provided by the instructor, but students are more than welcome to purchase additional supplies according to the “suggested supply list” provided also by the instructor.
Instructor: Qiming “Sezava” Sun,

Art for Children

Class will be geared towards fun, imaginative crafts that we can take home. We will be exploring all sorts of mediums to create, such as beans, yarn, paints, and nature! We will also dip our toes into learning about the great artists of the past and present.
Instructor: Kiera Stevenson


This is for adults age 18+. Bring your own racquet! These sessions will be capped at 20 registrants per day.

Conversational Spanish

¡Hola!  My name is Bessie Aida Pino and I’ve been teaching Spanish at VVCA for almost 20 years! I am very eager to share once again my knowledge and experience of over 30 years teaching Spanish to students of all ages and levels in Saskatoon.
Beginners –  Come learn basic Spanish greetings, alphabet numbers, colors, key question words, days of the week, months of the year, uses of verb to be and everyday useful sentences.  You will be introduced to speaking Spanish using both formal and informal ways of addressing people.
Intermediate / Advance –  Knowing the basics gives you a chance to practice with other students and learn about the most common verbs in the present, past and future forms. Be ready to talk and learn more about not only the language but also the culture of different Spanish speaking countries.
¡Muchas gracias!


• Beginner TaeKwon-Do (ages 4-6)
30 minute class twice a week. Fun activity class for young children. Basic skills are taught along with a variety of movement, balance and coordination activities.
• Beginner TaeKwon-Do (ages 7-adult)
45 minute class twice a week. Introduction to TaeKwon-Do. Basic techniques of the beginner levels are learned in this fun, active class. Opportunity for belt advancement is available but not required for this class.
• Intermediate TaeKwon-Do (ages 8-adult)
1.25 hr class twice a week. Yellow belt level and up. This class builds upon the beginner class and is for participants who wish to further their progression in the belt levels.
• Advanced TaeKwon-Do (ages 10-adult)
2.25 hr min class twice a week. Blue belt and up. This class is for students working through the blue to black belt levels.

Children participating in the ages 4-6 beginner classes must be accompanied by an adult! Anyone under the age of twelve in the 7+ beginner class should also have a parent present. Participants waiting for their class are asked to please wait in the foyer until the class starts. Coming into the gym or MPR before then or running up and down the hallway disrupts the class and is not fair for the participants. Please be considerate!

Yoga – Multi-level with Miranda

Yoga has been my saviour throughout these stressful times.  It will include gently energizing supported and standing poses with minimal props and a strong focus on centring, breathing, and relaxation.

Public Skating

At Brunskill School rink
Tuesday & Thursday: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Saturday: 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm

Please Note:
• No hockey sticks, pucks, balls, etc. allowed during public skating.
• Use this facility at your own risk!
• We recommend wearing protective equipment to prevent injury.
• We need your help in keeping our rink safe for our community, so please report any maintenance/safety concerns and incidents.
• Report any vandalism to the Police.
• Public skating time periods may be cancelled when the wind chill factor is greater than 1800 and/or -26 degrees Celsius.

Your community rink is operated and maintained using volunteer labour and community funds. Please lend a hand to keep it operational and respect all participants and volunteers.

If you have any questions, please contact the City of Saskatoon Community Development Branch at 306-975-3378.

Program Reminders:

We must once again stress the importance of safety before and after programming. It is imperative that parents accompany their children to and from their registered programs. If children arrive early they MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian until the class begins. Unexpected class cancellations could leave children stranded if they are simply dropped off. Children must be picked up promptly after class. Instructors are responsible for teaching participants DURING class only.

The instuctors have the right to tell anyone who is disrupting the class to leave!

It is a privilege for VVCA to run programs out of Brunskill School! Please abide by the rules and treat the school with respect! If you see a problem you can contact me or the janitor.

Remember if there are any questions, concerns or anything you can contact Barb Giles by email at

RespectED For Sport, Culture and Recreation Support Line

For: Coaches, Parents, Spectators, Board Members, Officials and any other adults involved in youth activities

Purpose: The Support Line provides 24 hour confidential support for adults with questions, concerns, reports or inquiries about bullying, hazing, harassment and abuse.

Types of Support: Includes but is not limited to assistance in reporting a concerning incident, guidance in drafting harassment policies for an organization, providing information about hazing to concerned parents, and educating adults on appropriate coaching and officiating techniques when working with youth.

Adults Contact: 1-866-773-5777 or email:

The Canadian Red Cross RespectED program has been providing education and prevention on bullying and child abuse for more than 25 years.

Through further education of adult leaders/coaches/instructors, youth, and their families, we hope to increase access to information and provide support for staff and volunteers who are already doing a tremendous job in supporting and teaching young people!

Together, we can make the childhood experience as positive and fulfilling as possible.

Financial Assistance Available:

Remember that VVCA is sensitive to the needs of families facing financial hardships, and may partially fund, or fully fund participation fees in various activities. Subsidization is only to cover the cost of programs and will not include membership in VVCA.

Please contact Barb Giles at registration night. We are more than willing to be of assistance in a very confidential manner. In addition, assistance may be available through KidSport.

Saskatoon KidSport Financial Assistance:

Saskatoon KidSport provides financial assistance for youth from low-income families to help them to participate in organized sport. Children between the ages of 5-18, WHO ARE LACKING THE MONEY TO PARTICIPATE IN SPORT, are eligible for assistance. Please visit the website … SO ALL KIDS CAN PLAY!