Varsity View Local Area Plan (LAP)

Please note all drafts have not yet been circulated through the City Administration, and future discussions may significantly impact the content.

Local Area Plan (LAP)

Varsity View is a historic neighborhood centrally located close to the river, the downtown, the University of Saskatchewan, and Royal University Hospital. Its historic roots stem from the adjacent University of Saskatchewan campus. The neighbourhood is characterized by an eclectic mix of character housing, a vibrant school which attracts families from all areas of the City, a high amount of rental accommodation, and a mature urban forest. The residents are diverse in terms of age, culture, education level, and income. This adds to the overall vitality of the neighbourhood.

Varsity view is a safe neighbourhood with activity at all times of the day. It is a high energy, active neighbourhood, which is amenable to cycling and walking. Its central location also accommodates transit usage.

Varsity view strives to maintain its diversity, heritage and architecture. Varsity view will be a model sustainable community.

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March 2014:
Varsity View LAP Final Report Released

The final report is ready to view here on the City of Saskatoon website. NOTE: Large 22MB PDF file!
The final summary report is also available here. NOTE: Large 8MB PDF file!

September 2013:
Complete DRAFT Document Ready for Review!

The complete Varsity View Local Area Plan draft document is ready for review!

The report itself is available at: no longer available – see final report above

Given that the majority of the report has been previously reviewed by the LAPC, it is hoped that it can be reviewed in two meetings, although a third meeting is tentatively scheduled if necessary. Each of the following meetings are from 7:00 p.m. til 9:30 p.m. in the Brunskill School Library (101 Wiggins Avenue South):
– Wednesday, September 25 – Review Meeting #1
– Wednesday, October 2 – Review Meeting #2
– Thursday, October 3 – Review Meeting #3 (if necessary)

Review Meeting #1 willl aim to cover the following sections: 3.0 Parks & Open Space, 5.0 Traffic & Circulation, 6.0 Active Transportation, 1.0 Land Use, and 2.0 Infill & Redevelopment.

The agenda for Review Meeting #2 will pick up after that and also endeavour to review the remaining portions of the document. As well, we will discuss the approval process ahead that will culminate with adoption of the report by City Council, which then allows for the implementation of recommendations to begin.

From City Hall: “The LAP is a very lengthy document, so if you are unable to review every page of each chapter, I suggest you focus upon reviewing the identified goals and recommendations for each section. As you review the report, it will be helpful to make notes for yourself to bring to the meetings.

If you are unable to attend the review meetings, please provide any comments to me prior to the meetings and I can share your thoughts with the group on your behalf.

Thank you to all members of the Varsity View LAPC for your contributions and patience during the creation of the Varsity View LAP!”

LAP Committee Meeting Notes:

VV LAP Meeting First Draft Review Part 1 #16 Ocobert 19, 2011 – Vision, Engagement Process, Yesterday & Today, and Traffic and Circulation. PDF

VV LAP Mtg 2nd Review Meeting January 18, 2012 – Parking recommendations, alternative transportation options, and Heritage & Culture. PDF

The Neighbourhood Engagement Process:

The Varsity View Local Area Plan is the result of a large participatory planning process and was developed over 2 years, commencing in September 2009. At the core of the engagement was the Varsity View Community Association, which acted as representatives for the neighbourhood, dedicating time within their regular meeting dates to participate in the Local Area Planning process. During the LAP meetings, the community discussed many topics ranging from land use to community institutions, to parking, parks and active transportation.

Varsity View Vision & Guiding Principles (PDF) DRAFT
Local Area Planning Process (PDF) DRAFT

Yesterday & Today:
This section is an historical overview of the neighbourhood and also provides a statistical overview of various demographic and development data for Varsity View today.
Varsity View Yesterday & Today (PDF) DRAFT

Land Use & Zoning (Infill):
Draft report to come.

Campus-Neighbourhood Relations:
Draft report to come.

Traffic, Parking, and Circulation:
Varsity View’s proximity to major destinations, the city centre, University Hospital, and University of Saskatchewan, all contribute to the busy pedestrian and vehicular traffic environment in and throughout the area. As a result, the Varsity View Local Area Committee has identified on-street parking pressures, increasing vehicle traffic on Clarence and Cumberland Avenue, and pedestrian safety as concerns. Residents would also like improvements made for pedestrians and cyclists. This section deals with traffic and circulation in the Varsity View community.
Traffic & Circulation (PDF) DRAFT

Parks and Open Space:
Draft report to come.

Municipal Services:
Draft report to come.

Heritage and Culture:
Varsity View has been home to many prominent people in the arts, politics and academic professions. As the neighbourhood changes, so does the historical landscape. Older homes are being replaced by brand new homes, and many long-time residents are no longer around to share the history of the neighbourhood with current residents. The Varsity View neighbourhood wishes to celebrate its legacy within Saskatoon and encourage future cultural events and exchanges that preserve the stories and history of its past while embracing its future.
Heritage & Culture (PDF) DRAFT

Draft report to come.