Albert School/Community Centre

Saskatoon Aikido

610 Clarence Avenue South

Saskatoon Aikido is one of the tenants that currently rents space out of Albert Community Centre. Saskatoon Aikido was founded in 1978 by University of Saskatchewan business professor Makoto Ohtsu. Aikido means “the way of harmony with universal energy”. It is based on peace, unity, and self-discipline. The club is a non-profit volunteer organization and club fees go towards rental space.

In 1986, Makoto returned to Japan to continue teaching martial arts. The dojo was inherited by Don Ragush, who continues to teach the club. Today, the club has approximately 70 registered members. Three times a year, high-ranking Aikido instructors are brought in to teach seminars. The club is affiliated with the Canadian Aikido Federation.

Saskatoon Aikido has been renting space at the Albert Community Centre since 1991. Prior to that, the club rented space at the University of Saskatchewan and then the YWCA. Aikido can be practiced at any age and individuals are welcome to go and observe classes.

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Saskatoon Potters Guild

610 Clarence Avenue South

Saskatoon Potters Guild is a non-profit organization that began with a small group of friends in 1962. The group was originally known as Saskatoon Ceramics Canada. The group meets on a monthly basis in the basement of the Albert Community Center. The guild utilizes three rooms including a classroom with 10 electric wheels, a member’s room with electric wheels, slab roller, extruder, and a pug mill along with a kiln room that has six kilns, spray booth, and chemicals for mixing glazes.

The group holds show and sales, teaches classes, has exhibitions, and does fundraising. Classes normally run for 10 weeks and are taught at the beginner and intermediate levels. The most recently completed exhibition was called “Contrasts” and included various types of artwork from artists of the guild.

If you would like to know more about the Saskatoon Potters Guild, please visit the following link:

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