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Varsity View & Grosvenor Park are dynamic neighbourhoods bordering the University of Saskatchewan and a short walk away from the beautiful Meewasin Valley. Residents of all ages appreciate the beauty and vibrancy of these neighbourhoods. Please enjoy our website and get to know us better.

The Varsity View Community Association is a vibrant, volunteer-driven group that is always happy to welcome new members.

Located near the University of Saskatchewan and encompassing the neighbourhood of Grosvenor Park, the area’s population includes seniors, growing families, and university students.

The Association works to meet the needs of all residents. It organizes events, delivers recreational and leisure programs, coordinates sports programs for children/youth and maintains the outdoor rink at Brunskill School.

Important Upcoming VVCA Events:

Aug. 17, 2020 – The Public School Board and Catholic School Board have cancelled ALL school bookings until Dec. 31 2020 OR LONGER. We are trying to make alternate arrangements and/or offer different programs that do not use school facilities. In the meantime, there will be NO REGISTRATION for programs this fall, nor any of our regular offered programs. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Coming to your neighbourhood starting November 23! We will be trying to sell as many tickets as we can to raise funds for the Brunskill School skating rink renovations. Please help! More info…

Interested in making your community a little better? The Varsity View Community Association is always looking for volunteers!

VVCA is run by friendly volunteers who organize and attend meetings, provide programs and activites for youth and adults, work with the City regarding development, parking, policing and other issues, keep the rink in good condition, publish a newsletter and website, raise money for community events and projects, and generally try to make the Varsity View and Grosvenor Park neighbourhoods a little nicer to live in.

Sounds fun, right? If something on that short list fills a need in you, or you have other ideas on how to improve your neighbourhood, join us on Zoom at a monthly VVCA board meeting and have your say. We’d love to hear your ideas and would be more than happy to find you a spot on our board if you are interested.

Right now, the VVCA is looking for a President – someone to act as a chair for our meetings, prepare agendas, meet with and represent the community, and inspire us all to improve the community and the City. Sounds like a big job, but it’s more than worth it and there are lots of other volunteers to help share the load.

Email info@vvcasaskatoon.com for more information, or check our About page or Facebook for information on the dates of our next board meeting.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 – VVCA Board meeting, 7:00 PM via ZOOM. Watch for further details and a link to the meeting. Want to virtually attend the meeting? Send an email to info@vvcasaskatoon.com and we will get you on the list. Stay inside and still get involved in your community 🙂

August 20 2020 – Our Fall 2020 newsletter is published. Download this new or past issues, here….

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