Cumberland Park dry pond

 On May 29, 2024, Saskatoon City Council approved the City’s fifth Flood Control Strategy (FCS) project. In 2025, new storm water infrastructure will be installed near Cumberland Avenue South and Main Street, which will connect to a new dry storm pond in Cumberland Park. The dry pond will temporarily hold storm water that would have previously ponded on the streets and nearby properties. Once the overall system has capacity, the dry pond will drain through the existing storm sewer system to the South Saskatchewan River. 

 The current timeline is as follows: 

  • Excavation and landscaping in Cumberland Park: February-October 2025 
  • Installation of new storm sewer infrastructure: May-October 2025 
  • Re-establishment of park landscaping: October 2025-Fall 2026 

Please visit to learn more about the project and timeline from now until the project is complete.