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U of S Stone Barn discussions

Constructed between 1911 and 1912, the University of Saskatchewan Stone Barn is a landmark building that serves as symbol of the ambition the people of Saskatchewan had for its University. Prominently located on College Drive, the Stone Barn has fallen into disrepair and the future of this important heritage structure is uncertain.

The University is seeking a renewed, realistic and informed path forward for this iconic structure. To that end, they are hosting a Community Visioning Event on Wednesday, May 24th from 4:30-6:30pm at the Holiday Inn Express (College Drive) to hear from the community on their ideas on the barn’s future re-use possibilities.

They will also be sharing a survey via their website:…/stone-barn-heritage.php…

Please consider attending, submitting your ideas, and sharing the event details with anyone you think would be interested!

May board meeting

Summary of discussions at May’s VVCA board meeting, held on Wednesday, May 17, 2023.

– Community cleanup on May 13 went well. Approximately 2.75 bins of garbage picked up, and we had 12 participants and a couple of trucks volunteer. Final report yet to come from City. Saskatoon Coop Home Centre provided work gloves and garbage bags – thank you! Photos to come.
– Programs are in good shape. Deadline for school bookings for fall programs not known yet.
– New principal at Brunskill next year, Shalene Herron.
– Lockbox to be installed for rink use.
– May have a possible new newsletter editor. To be confirmed.
– Our Lady of Lourdes church (12th & Wiggins) is scheduled to have massive garage sale August 10-12. Community members are encouraged to have garage sales during same weekend to increase overall traffic.
– Upcoming Curbside Swap coming up on June 3. One scheduled in the fall for September 9.
– Community BBQ planned for May 18, preceding the SUM Theatre show in Grosvenor Park. SUM Theatre flyers delivered by volunteers.
– James Cook from the University will be in attendance at next meeting to discuss College Quarter.
– Upcoming discussion session on the future of the U of S Stone Barn, Wednesday, May 24.
– Next meeting Wednesday, June 21, 2023, in the Brunskill rink. Bring a lawn chair.

Annual General Meeting 2023

The VVCA AGM was held Wednesday, April 19, and we are happy to welcome some new (and old) members to our board and to recognize and thank some others.

President: Jon Naylor
Treasurer: Ted Stensrud
Indoor Coordinator: Barb Giles and Tammy Harkema (basketball)
Albert Community Centre: Lisa Kirkham
Rink Coordinators: Fredy McDougall, Mahdi Toliat, Luke Rempel
Social Coordinator: Diane McDougall
Members at Large: Mary Ann Rubin, Allan Woo, Douglas Tompson, Matthew Wiens

NOTE we are still in need of a newsletter editor!

– Thank you to Barb for her 30+ years of service as VVCA’s Indoor Coordinator! And, still going strong.
– Thank you to Kevin, our City of Saskatoon Community Liaison, who will be representing a different area of the City. We will miss his assistance and input.
– Thank you to Luke and Angela for organizing and leading the Brunskill rink fundraising! Amazing work for such a well-used and appreciated community asset.

April board meeting

Summary of discussion of the April board meeting that followed the AGM on April 19, 2023.

– Councillor Cynthia Block provided information about the College Corridor plan and the Downtown Arena District: Corridor plan centred around bus rapid transit (BRT) on College; increase density on College, Preston, maybe some places on Wiggins and Cumberland; how to increase density but still be respectful to neighbourhood character; medium density of 3-6 stories along corridors; City engagement sessions to continue this year; try to prioritize pedestrian and bicycle over traffic; 14th Street bikeway needs to be connected to other routes to be successful.
– financial books reviewed for AGM, in good shape. Finances have rebounded since pandemic.
– spring programs up and running, except for Art for Children. Some Spanish classes may need to be partially on zoom.
– Basketball is all done for season.
– Kinder soccer has 10 registrants so far and 3 teams have been formed
– Basketball equipment has been stored and soccer is getting ready. May need to purchase more soccer equipment.
– Rink is wrapped up for the season.
– Luke to talk to VVCA about removing snow from rink and perhaps grooming ski trails before next season.
– Newsletter editor has stepped down. Need a new editor!
– Albert Community Centre has a building walk-thru to assess where renovations are needed. Room on board for a few more people. Would like ACC to have online booking presence.
– Community garden will have their first meeting next week.
– SUM Theatre is performing Thursday May 18 in Grosvenor Park. VVCA would like to organize a hamburger BBQ before the show. Volunteers needed.
– Community cleanup is Saturday May 13, 8:30AM – 1PM, Church of Latter Day Saints parking lot, 10th and Cumberland. Volunteers and trucks needed.
– Next meeting: Wednesday, May 17, 2023, 7PM, Brunskill School library.

Security camera registry

The Security Camera Registry is a completely voluntary program where community members (individuals or businesses) can register their security camera(s) with the Saskatoon Police Services.

If you register your camera(s) with the Security Camera Registry, you may be contacted by the SPS to request footage you may have available, if a crime is being investigated in your area. It is up to you if you provide any footage to the SPS and you are under no obligation to do so.

Help us keep your neighbourhood safe by registering your camera(s) here.

March board meeting

Summary of discussion at the March 15, 2023 board meeting:
– SUM Theatre will again be offering free theatre performances in City parks this May and June. First public show is Thursday, May 18, 7PM at Grosvenor Park. Volunteer ushers needed. Volunteers to drop handbills in the neighbourhood before the show. Honorarium granted by VVCA.
– SEIU West, union representing health care workers, presented their “A Safe Spot Means a Lot” campaign. With less parking available for workers and an increased occurance of harassment and assault, they are looking for a solution.
– College Corridor Plan just out with priorities of: finish missing sidewalks; safe street crossings on College; and bicycle paths along College, possibly Wiggins. Full report available on City website.
– discussion of downtown Convention Event and Entertainment District. Info session at Roxy Theatre not well publicized.
– winter programs winding up. Spring registration on March 21.
– Community Cleanup on Saturday May 13, 8:30-1:00PM
– Basketball wrapping up.
– Community Garden meeting to be held mid to late April.
– discussion about rink operation improvements: larger sign about snow removal (shovel over boards); group chat for volunteers; more volunteers needed (minor hockey is a large user so maybe parents can volunteer?); key lockbox possible?
– newsletter has been printed and delivery by Girl Guides has been scheduled.
– next meeting Wednesday April 19, 7PM incorporating the AGM.

College Corridor Plan

A summary report of the Public Realm Engagement is available on the City of Saskatoon website: College Corridor Plan: Public Realm Engagement Report February to December 2022

From February to December 2022, the Corridor Planning team conducted community engagement and technical analysis on the public realm. This built upon the preliminary decisions made in earlier stages regarding land use and density of future development to determine potential public realm improvements that are desirable and feasible.

Background and further information can be found here:

Varsity View Water Main Replacement Project

In the 2023 construction season (May – October), the City of Saskatoon will be completing infrastructure upgrades in the Varsity View neighbourhood as part of the Varsity View Water Main Replacement Project. Details of this project can be found below and information scheduled to be issued to area residents January 24th can also be found below.

Work will include:
– The replacement of 1,367m of water main.
– Maintenance of 174m of water main.
– Replacement of 70 lead water and sewer service connections.
– Road, sidewalk and curb rehabilitation

In an effort to keep residents and businesses informed about this important infrastructure project:
– A construction notice will be issued in advance of work beginning to area residents and businesses within a 1-block radius of the project areas.
– Prior to and throughout the duration of the project, bi-weekly project updates will be issued to residents and businesses who subscribe to the updates and can also be found online at
– A project video that details what residents can expect will be issued to all those that subscribed to the bi-weekly project updates.

For community members who wish to subscribe to our project updates for the Varsity View Water Main Replacement Project, please email us at and include your name and contact information. For those who do not have access to an email and wish to receive these updates, please contact us as 306-975-2476.

Clarence Ave. & Main Street Engagement Session

The City of Saskatoon completed a traffic review at the intersection of Clarence Avenue and Main Street this summer after several residents reached out with concerns about safety. Channelization on Main Street is recommended to address these safety concerns. 

A second engagement session is planned to collect feedback and additional comments from community members in Nutana and Varsity View on the recommended channelization.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 1, 2023, from 6:30-8 pm
WHERE: Albert Community Centre loft (3rd floor, wheelchair accessible)

BACKGROUND: To improve safety at the intersection and address collision patterns, channelization on Main Street is recommended. This involves modifying the existing medians on Main Street at both approaches to create right turn only lanes. Drivers on Main Street would be required to turn right at the intersection and would no longer be able to drive straight through or turn left onto Clarence Avenue.

Varsity View RPP expansion

The Varsity View Residential Parking Program (RPP) area is expanding, with signage scheduled to be installed late December or early January 2023.

The expanded streets include the following:

  • 200 Block of Cumberland Avenue;
  • 300 Block of Cumberland Avenue;
  • 300 Block of McKinnon Avenue (east side);
  • 1000 Block of 14th Street East;
  • 1100 Block of 14th Street East;
  • 1200 Block of 14th Street East;
  • 1300 Block of 14th Street East;
  • 1400 Block of 14th Street East;
  • 1200 Block of 13th Street East

Information on RPPs can be found here:…/residential-parking-program

November 2022 board meeting

Thanks for those who attended our November board meeting on Wednesday November 16. Here is a broad overview of some of the items we discussed:

– VVCA to order tent for outdoor events (City to partially reimburse such permanent promotional items)
– Grosvenor Park ski trail may be done this week by City. VVCA is holding discussions with a community member about having President Murray Park done.
– UPDATED: Main and Clarence intersection City decision postposed until the new year. More City public engagement is planned for Winter/Spring 2023.
– encourage community members to view City videos about College Corridor Plan and partake in surveys, here:
– Residential Permit Parking (RPP) is expanding in Varsity View and signage should be go up late December or early January
– small external group held discussions regarding petty crime and Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre noise and disturbances. Some recommendations from group: 1) start 8th Street Business Improvement group to speak with one voice about concerns, 2) stronger police response to nuisance and disturbances (ticketing), 3) install No Loitering signs on affected businesses so enforcement is easier, 4) encourage community members to report issues to police, either by phone or online – police need data to prioritize response, 5) provide awareness article and police phone and online links in newsletter.
– new basketballs bought for program
– thanks to Fredy for work on rink. One flood has been done by Kenton!
– programs beginning January 2023 listed on website. Registration nights are January 10 and 12.
– appoint Gary Ayotte as VVCA rep at Albert Community Centre board.
– newsletter deadline is November 22. Will be published and distributed to neighbourhood between Christmas and New Years.
– let Zoom licenses lapse. Not currently using them.

College Corridor Plan – surveys

Surveys on Prioritizing Public Realm Improvements

The feedback the City received on public realm improvements was compiled and shared in September – please see

The City has taken the feedback and developed a list of potential open space and streetscape improvements for the area. Now, we would like your help in prioritizing where resources should be focused when we develop the plan.

If you have the time we would appreciate it if you could share your preferences in one or both of the following surveys.

Open Space survey:

Streetscape survey:

In addition, we are hosting a walk-through of the surveys on November 21 at 7pm to allow for questions and clarifications. This will be a hybrid event (online and in-person) and will be recorded and posted to the website. It isn’t intended to be a traditional engagement event: rather the focus will be solely on helping people fill out the survey.

Meeting Details
When: Monday November 21, 2022 at 7:00 pm
To Join Virtually: Find link on our website here:
To Join in Person: Meeting room #3, Saskatoon Field House (2020 College Drive, main floor).