March 2024 Board meeting

Overview of discussions at the March 20, 2024 VVCA Board Meeting:

– presentation by City of Saskatoon about dry ponds to be constructed in neighbourhood
– tree planting proposal at 14th and Cumberland: Josh and Jon talked to City’s Urban Forestry. City will supply trees, VVCA responsible for planting and watering (for 3 years). VVCA approved funds for project.
– zoning changes due to Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) and Corridor Land Use still unclear. Four stories seems excessive for achieving greater density. What is VVCA plan of action?
– appointed a nominations committee for next month’s AGM. What positions will be open? President, others?
– finances are looking good. Some of our funds could be put into short term investments. Books will be audited and ready for AGM next month.
– spring program registration just ended. All programs, except for Art, going ahead. Just paid instructors for winter term.
– Community Cleanup scheduled for Saturday May 11, 8:30-noon. Location to be confirmed. Volunteers, and volunteers with trucks, appreciated.
– outdoor youth soccer registration ended early March. U5 does not have enough players to make a team. We have coaches. Refund coaches their training fees and child registration fee.
– last Learn to Skate session is on Sunday. Rink has one sign to replace. Is it renewal time for advertising boards?
– newsletter printed and ready for distribution.
– email received from Albert Childcare Co-operative, who are fundraising to update the public playground adjacent Albert Community Centre. Information shared on website and social media. Invite Co-op to speak in May?
– volunteer found for VVCA 40th anniversary planning!
– next meeting is the Annual General Meeting, Wednesday, April 17, 2024. All are welcome to attend.