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March 2024 Board meeting

Overview of discussions at the March 20, 2024 VVCA Board Meeting:

– presentation by City of Saskatoon about dry ponds to be constructed in neighbourhood
– tree planting proposal at 14th and Cumberland: Josh and Jon talked to City’s Urban Forestry. City will supply trees, VVCA responsible for planting and watering (for 3 years). VVCA approved funds for project.
– zoning changes due to Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) and Corridor Land Use still unclear. Four stories seems excessive for achieving greater density. What is VVCA plan of action?
– appointed a nominations committee for next month’s AGM. What positions will be open? President, others?
– finances are looking good. Some of our funds could be put into short term investments. Books will be audited and ready for AGM next month.
– spring program registration just ended. All programs, except for Art, going ahead. Just paid instructors for winter term.
– Community Cleanup scheduled for Saturday May 11, 8:30-noon. Location to be confirmed. Volunteers, and volunteers with trucks, appreciated.
– outdoor youth soccer registration ended early March. U5 does not have enough players to make a team. We have coaches. Refund coaches their training fees and child registration fee.
– last Learn to Skate session is on Sunday. Rink has one sign to replace. Is it renewal time for advertising boards?
– newsletter printed and ready for distribution.
– email received from Albert Childcare Co-operative, who are fundraising to update the public playground adjacent Albert Community Centre. Information shared on website and social media. Invite Co-op to speak in May?
– volunteer found for VVCA 40th anniversary planning!
– next meeting is the Annual General Meeting, Wednesday, April 17, 2024. All are welcome to attend.

Skate equipment

Are you just learning how to skate? Don’t want to spend a fortune on new skates? Or afraid you child will grow out of them too fast? Check out some local Saskatoon shops for used equipment (don’t forget a helmet!) or page through Facebook Markeplace or Kijiji to find a deal.





May be an image of skates

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January 2024 board meeting

Overview of discussions at the January 17, 2024 VVCA board meeting:

– tree planting proposal on hold until City completes Planting Plan guidelines. City is working with Meewasin.
– VVCA to contact City about replacement of dying trees in President Murray Park. Possible invitation of City rep to attend and speak at future meeting.
– hope to hold VVCA planning retreat before AGM. City rep schedule is too full to assist – what are other options for facilitators?
– VVCA bylaw and constitution are being revised. May have a good start and be able to present at AGM.
– President Murray Park cross country ski trails have been groomed. Grosvenor Park should be soon. Permanent signage (don’t walk on the trails, etc) is not allowed in park, but temporary signage can be installed.
– VVCA will be celebrating 40 year anniversary in 2025. Any plans or ideas? Form a committee at AGM to plan?
– put some of current finances in short term investment?
– all programs running. Registration nights were extremely cold and blizzardy. Learn to skate is going ahead with kids and adult classes. For future years, can we canvas for used skates from community for participants to use? No storage available though.
– Brunskill School community council is planning a community winter event in early February. Would like to partner with VVCA in some way.
– soccer coordinator attended SYSI meetings in early January. Registrations begin early February.
– rink is going great. Thank you to rink volunteers!
– newsletter published and distributed late Dec/early January.
– Albert Community Centre renovations should begin in May, run for about a year. Hopefully minimal disruption to current tenants. ACC determining how to handle short term bookings. ACC preschool planning playground renovation.
– due to February school break, next meeting will be THURSDAY, February 29, 2024, 7PM, Brunskill School.

June board meeting

Overview of discussions at the VVCA June 2023 board meeting, held Wednesday June 21:

– Councillor Cynthia Block shared items she will be bringing to budget meeting next Wednesday: request a third-party traffic safety audit review of College & Wiggins intersection; update report on active transportation plan; other ‘pinch points’ in bike corridors. Discussion around safety for bicycling in City. Saskatoon Cycles website has a form letter available for concerned cyclists to submit to City.
– Linda from Bridge City Hens made a presentation about movement to allow hens (no roosters) in resident’s yards. Asked for letter of support when proposal is submitted to City.
– President Jon Naylor attended City ‘Community Association President workshop’. Good information about volunteers and record keeping.
– VVBM Community Garden would like their funds to be kept separate and available for future projects. To be discussed in fall with attendance from garden representatives.
– James Cook of University of Saskatoon submitted a written report of USask/City plans for future development: bike/pedestrian lane on north side of College; future medium density housing planned for University endowment lands; water retention pond planned for Cumberland & 14th; new fire hall on Preston to begin service this fall.
– fall program bookings submitted. Basketball and soccer will be submitted later in July. Fall registration dates: September 7 and 12.
– SYSI indoor soccer registration is open now until end of August.
– discussion of upcoming 40th anniversary of VVCA in two or three years. Joint celebration with Nutana? Nutana is closing a street one Sunday a month during summer for residents to use.
– basketball (SMBA) registration open July 10 to September 1. Season starts October 14. Open to grades 3-12. VV player numbers fluctuates and remain low.
– discussions about fall newsletter, deadline for material mid-July. Printed early August, distributed by end of August.
– Josh discussed his proposal from last year to plant more trees along 14th Street walk/bikeway. Some resistance from City and University due to possible interference with ground utilities.
– 15-ish dead trees in President Murray park. VVCA to send letter to City Parks department. Replacement trees?
– ask school janitor to turn off lights to rink during summer.
– next meeting Wednesday September 20, 2023 in the Brunskill School library.

January 2023 program registration

Welcome back everyone! Can’t believe it is that time again!  Mark January 10th & 12th from 7-8:30 pm in the small gym at Brunskill School, on your calendars! It is winter registration!

I am excited to tell you we are offering two new programs. For all who want to try something different come and check out Fibre Explorations and Going Within

FIBRE EXPLORATIONS – A new project will be started most weeks, some will take two classes. All are suitable for beginners. Needle felting; Spiderweb weaving – using paper plates; Amish Knot Coaster – use old t-shirt; Botanical Printing – silk or paper; Embroidered Bookmark; Decorated Sewing kit – using wool blanket.

GOING WITHIN – a series of meditative activities. All are suitable for beginners. Vision Board/Treasure map; Rattles – pottery; Rattles – leather and wood/bone/antler handle with option to embellish with simple beading; Soul Stones – clay “stones” with impressed words such as peace, love, solace; Mandalas – using natural materials pencil crayons, ink, etc.; Neurographica – off loom weaving; faceless doll/red dress/orange shirt; embroidered item – book mark. The instructor is a juried member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council and has extensive teaching experience.

Time to get busy, try yoga or badminton! If you are planning a trip, brush up on your Spanish! If stick men are your artistic capabilities, broaden your capability by taking an art class! Want something to do with whole family, then come on out and give Tae Kwon Do a try!

How about learning a new skill, skating on our new rink! (we need some workers to step up or this will not be a possibility)

There are a few options to consider!!! See you soon!

If you cannot make the registration nights, you may contact me at blgiles@sasktel.net and I will be happy to assist.

– Barb

No Fall 2021 soccer

Unfortunately, VVCA has decided to not offer a fall 2021 soccer season in order to be fully prepared for a strong spring 2022 season.

As we prepared for the fall season, we discovered that we did not have enough time to integrate with the Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc. RAMP registration system to make it easy for parents and players to register. We plan to be fully integrated with RAMP to offer a seamless registration process for the Spring 2022 season. We apologize for any inconvenience.

See the Saskatoon Youth Soccer website for alternative options: http://saskatoonyouthsoccer.ca/content/how-to-register

Questions? soccer@vvcasaskatoon.com

SCOA January 2021 programs

Giddy Up Partner with the Mayfair Hub Club – Jan 21, 1 pm
Kick up your toes with this low impact line dance class. Also Globe Walk “Walk the Great Trail” 2021 presentation, test your skills with a Western quiz! Pharmacy tip of the month. Watch for the monthly prize draw. To register, click here

SCOA Coffee Break: Conversations with Physicians – Jan 25, 1 pm
Join us for a conversation with Sask Geriatric EM Physician Dr. Brittany Ellis and geriatrician Dr. Krista Lagimodiere. To register, click here

Joint Presentation: Saskatoon Transit & SCOA – Jan 27, 2 pm
Learn to use the transit system like a pro to get where you need to go! Email Betty betty@scoa.ca or call 306.652.2255 for more information. To register click here

Mindfulness – Jan 19, 1:30 pm
Join us for a presentation with Jeanne Corrigal, Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. To register, click here

Check out our classes for seniors! Get “techy” with our advanced workshops, watercolour painting, cooking and more!

For more information visit our website www.scoa.ca or phone 306.652.2255

Saskatoon Council on Aging Inc.
2020 College Drive [Saskatoon Field House]
Phone: 306.652.2255

City Recreation Programs

FREE programs offered by the City of Saskatoon.

Taking to the Court
FREE one day event for boys ages 10 -14 to get active, learn and practice a mix of sports. Snacks and lunch provided.
Monday, October 26 (originally scheduled to run October 9) from 9:00am-4:00pm
Cosmo Civic Centre Gymnasium (3130 Laurier Drive)

Multi-Sport Sampler Tennis Session
FREE Ages 9-14 years.  A great opportunity for youth to engage in physical activity while developing new and improved skills in tennis.
Monday, November 9 (was originally scheduled for November 6) from 1:00pm-4;00pm
Lakewood Indoor Tennis Centre (1635 McKercher Drive)

Drop N Shop
FREE Ages 6-12 yrs. This holiday season entrust your children with certified leaders who will supervise a number of child-friendly activities including arts and crafts, giving opportunity to get away and get your shopping done!

Lakewood Civic Centre (1635 McKercher Drive)Saturday, November 28 from 1:00pm-4:00pm
Saturday, December 5 from 1:00pm-4:00pm

White Buffalo Youth Lodge (602 20th St. W)
Saturday, December 12 from 1:00pm-4:00pm

Programs/ Events Cancelled in Fall 2020 Due to COVID-19
Fall Freestyle, Fast & Female Champ Chat, Girls in Motion and Multisport Sampler Bowling Session

Library online programs

Although Saskatoon Public Libraries are closed, we are excited to have now launched our online summer programs. Your local residents may want to do some of these summer programs with their families.

Knowlympics – June 1 – August 31
The Knowlympics is an all-ages summer learning program that encourages Saskatoon residents to discover a love of lifelong learning through various challenges that promote various forms of literacy development.

TD Summer Reading Club – June 1 – August 31
The TD Summer Reading Club (TDSRC) is Canada’s biggest bilingual summer reading program for kids. SPL has presented the TDSRC for a number of years but it will be presented slightly differently this summer.

Other Summer Online Programming  
Note: soon this link will have information to include more summer programs.

Escape Rooms: Solve a series of puzzles to get out of a locked room and progress through the game to the end!

Geocaching: Geocaches will be created and placed near SPL branches. They’ll direct patrons to walks or views to enjoy while social distancing.

Personality Quizzes: Which classic book are you? What type of library patron are you? Discover more about yourself and share your results with friends!

Story Laboratory: Join us for a picture book and a fun activity or craft based on it! 

Trivia: Test your knowledge and keep your brain in shape! These quizzes will end with recommendations of SPL resources to visit for more info.

What’s your story? Teen Storytelling Challenge
It will run from June 8 – August 15 2020, with an online gala on August 31. 

This summer, Saskatoon Library is asking: What’s Your Story? Beginning June 1, 2020, teens aged 13 to 18 are invited to share their creative stories.  For every story you submit, your name will be entered into a draw for a spectacular prize! 

  • Short Story: one story up to eight pages on any theme (Fiction or Memoir), or one spoken word video, maximum 5 minutes in length.
  • Poetry: up to four pages of poetry in any style, or one spoken word video, maximum 5 minutes in length.
  • Comic Book: one story up to eight pages on any theme (pages can be scanned into a digital document for submission)
  • Book Trailer: one video introducing a favourite story, no more than two minutes in length
  • Photo Essay: one series of no more than ten photos that tell a story or document an event
  • Serial Video Story: one series of short videos that tell a story.  Series must contain no more than 10 videos, each 15 seconds in length.

City of Saskatoon Spring Break Camps

Community Recreation has revamped the Spring Play Programs for 2020. The sessions are intended to engage children and youth in physical activities while developing new and improved skills. All equipment is provided. All programs are free to participate in and are intended for ages 10-14. All programs are led by qualified instructors. Participants must register in advance. For more information call 306-975-3378.

Session Details: April 14 from 9:00am-12:00pm, Cosmo Civic Centre Gymnasium (3130 Laurier Drive)
Registration Code: CD2380-01
MMA/Anti Bullying
Session Details: April 14 from 1:00pm-4:00pm, Cosmo Civic Centre Gymnasium (3130 Laurier Drive)
Registration Code: CD2380-01
Session Details: April 15 from 9:00am-12:00pm, Cosmo Civic Centre Gymnasium (3130 Laurier Drive)
Registration Code: CD2380-03
– 1st Session Details: April 15 from 1:00pm-4:00pm, Canadian Bowling Centre (217 Fairmount Drive)
Registration Code: CD2380-04
– 2nd Session Details: April 16 from 1:00pm-4:00pm, Canadian Bowling Centre (217 Fairmount Drive)
Registration Code: CD2380-06

VVCA Fall Programs

Registration is Thursday, September 5 AND Tuesday, September 10, from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at Brunskill School, Multi-Purpose Room, 101 Wiggins Avenue North.

A membership fee of $10/individual OR $20/family per year is required to participate in programs and must be presented at the time of registration. A fee of $10 will apply to late registrations. Varsity View Community Association honours other community association memberships.

In an effort to ensure everyone who wants to particpate can, cost-as-a-barrier assistance is available for those facing hardships. To inquire, please contact Barb (blgiles@sasktel.net) or inquire with any volunteer on registration night. All inquiries are confidential.

See the Program listing here.

School Break Camp

City of Saskatoon Offering School Break Camps April 3 – 5, 2018

The City has teamed with EB Sports Academy, Jade Roberts and the University of Saskatchewan 7’s Rugby team to offer active and accessible camps for youth aged 10-14 during the spring school break.

The camps are free and youth can register for multiple sessions:

• Session 1: Tuesday April 3rd 9:00am – 12:00pm – Rugby
• Session 2: Tuesday April 3rd 1:00pm – 4:00pm – Rugby
• Session 3: Wednesday April 4th 9:00am – 12:00pm – Basketball
• Session 4: Wednesday April 4th 1:00pm – 4:00pm – Basketball
• Session 5: Thursday April 5th 9:00am – 12:00pm – Double Ball
• Session 6: Thursday April 5th 1:00pm – 4:00pm – Floor Hockey

All activities will take place at the Cosmo Civic Centre, 3130 Laurier Drive.
For more information or to register please call 306-975-3378. Registration closes March 26, 2018.

VVCA Spring 2018 Registration

Spring registration night will be Wednesday, March 28 2018, 7-8:30pm in the Brunskill School front foyer!

Classes offered for spring are:
Yoga – Mondays, Wednesday’s, Thursdays 6:30-8pm
Badminton – Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-10pm
Tae Kwon Do – Wednesdays and Fridays 6-9pm
Pre beginner – 6-6:30pm Wednesday OR Friday
Beginner – 6:30-7:15pm
Intermediate – 7:15-8pm
Advanced – 8-9pm

See you at Registration!!
– Barb and Maya