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Water rentention/dry pond construction

The City of Saskatoon presented at our March 20, 2024 board meeting, telling us all we need to know about the dry ponds that are planned in our neighbourhood. Good attendance from the community as well. Thanks for coming out!

Two dry ponds are planned (#5 and #6 of the various water retention ponds projects scattered across the City). Plans are still at early stages, so details may be changing.

Cumberland and Main Street, with the dry pond constructed in Cumberland Park. Will be presented to council in May, then detailed design, then public engagement, with construction starting early 2025. Construction done late 2025, with another year for landscape to establish. Park to reopen fall of 2026.

Cumberland and 14th Street, with the dry pond constructed on University of Saskatchewan land, east of McEown Park (University high rises). Similar schedule to the previous one, subject to agreement between the City and University. No formal public engagement as the pond will be on private University land.


Storm Water Flood Control

The City of Saskatoon (City) is proposing a joint storm water management project with the University of Saskatchewan (USask) to help reduce the summer storm flood risk near the intersection of Cumberland Avenue South and 14th Street East. If approved by City Council, it would be the sixth of nine projects under the Flood Control Strategy (FCS) adopted by City Council in 2018.

This project would be similar to the first two under the FCS in W.W. Ashley Park and in Churchill Park, which temporarily hold storm water that would otherwise cause nearby flooding during intense rainfalls. Both of those projects have already proven to be successful at preventing flooding. The City and USask are in discussions to construct a storm water storage area on USask land north of 14th Street East, between Cumberland Avenue South and Preston Avenue North.

As a key stakeholder, I wanted to reach out to you about next steps for the proposed project:

• We are planning a presentation for the Varsity View/Grosvenor Park Community Association on March 20, 2024 at the Brunskill School Library (7:00 PM). Please contact your Community Association if you would like to attend. Attendees will learn about the FCS and preliminary information of this proposed project.

• A report requesting the City enter into an agreement with USask to complete this project will go to City Council later this spring (we will inform you when a date is finalized) where we will request approval to move forward with design and construction plans. Construction is tentatively scheduled to start in February 2025.

This project would reduce the flood risk for as many as 30 properties that typically experience flooding during intense rainfalls.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact the City. To learn more about the FCS, visit saskatoon.ca/floodplan.

Mitch McMann
Storm Water Utility Manager
Saskatoon Water