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Calling bird-lovers

Calling all bird-loving walkers! 

Birds in Real Danger, Saskatoon (B.I.R.D.S) aims to reduce bird-window strikes in the city, and we need your help to do it! All you need is a camera (your phone works great!), some paper, a pen, and a few bags, and you can help document evidence of birds injured or killed by window strikes.

Hundreds of birds are treated at Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation after striking windows – and those are just the ones lucky enough to survive the impact and be found by a caring person.

With the ongoing development of larger buildings, many covered in glass and on or near the riverbank, the City of Saskatoon may well see an increase in the number of bird injuries and mortalities from collisions with glass structures. By documenting occurrences of bird collisions with windows, and by educating the public on the issue, BIRDS aims to gain support for the adoption of bird-friendly guidelines for buildings. 

If you’d like to join us in looking for evidence of window strikes in Saskatoon’s downtown area, on the University campus, or even in your own neighborhood, contact us at lswr@sasktel.net

Your regular walk might just save the birds!

Curbside Swap 2018

Saskatoon Curbside Swap
Have clean, usable stuff to give away? Want free stuff? Swap it!
Reduce the amount of garbage ending up in landfill by giving away your stuff to someone or find free stuff of your own. At a curbside swap, place your unwanted items in good condition on your property (next to the side walk or curb) and mark them as free for anyone to pick up or go out on a treasure hunt of your own to find what your neighbors are giving away for free.

Let’s SWAP it Saskatoon !!
Plan a curbside swap this summer or join the annual city-wide curbside event on September 08, 2018. Contact your Community Association to find out if a Curbside Swap is planned for your neighbourhood. Promote your event online on the Curbside Swap Facebook event page at Saskatoon City News. Check out the Curbside Swap Host Manual for information.

How you can Swap!
• Mark all your items free that you wish to give away.
• Do not put out items with potential safety hazards, for example weapons, chemicals, mattress infested with bedbugs, broken furniture or expired child car seats.
• Do not block traffic, sidewalks or place items on road.
• Do not trespass on other people’s property, block other people’s driveway or park illegally.
• Be in compliance with the Temporary Sign Bylaw No. 7491.
• Return unclaimed items into your homes by 6:00 p.m.


Neighbourhood Clean-up


WHEN: Saturday May 12, 2018, 8:30am
WHERE: Brunskill School Parking lot
WHAT: empty out your garage, basement, storage room, or backyard; or shed! Bring your items to the large garbage bins that will be in the Brunskill school parking lot for disposal!

This is the event at which each year the same half dozen committed volunteers donate their Saturday morning to removing trash (think sodden couches), fire hazards (tree and bush clippings piled against wooden garages) and junk (the odd stove or three) from our back alleys.

You can help in two ways:
1) Bring your own junk to the dumpsters that will be parked at the back of Brunskill school on the morning of May 12th, 8:30 to 11:30 am (please do not use the small school dumpsters – you will get me in trouble) or
2) join us as a volunteer – just show up at the parking lot behind Brunskill by 9 am. You get an extra donut if you bring your own truck.

Seedy Saturday 2018

This year, the 20th annual Seedy Saturday will take place on Saturday March 10th, 2018, from 10am to 3pm at Station 20 West (1120 20th St W).

Admission will be $2 regular or free for students/children. Local seed suppliers and environmental/horticulture themed vendors will be there.

20th Annual Seed Exchange and Eco-Fair featuring 20+ exhibitors and vendors, workshops, musical entertainment and children’s activities.

More info on Facebook @CHEPGoodFood: https://www.facebook.com/CHEPGoodFood/

Jane’s Walk 2018 – volunteers

Do you have a favorite spot that tells a story about Saskatoon – perhaps about your own neighbourhood?

Jane’s Walk, the 1st weekend in May 2018, is making the call out for walk leaders. A typical walk takes about an hour and is free. This event, now in 212 cities, is inspired by the life of Jane Jacobs, a writer, and urban activist who championed the voices of everyday people in city-building.

A user-friendly form for walk leaders is on our new website and this is also where you will check in late April for the 15 or more walks in Saskatoon that you might join: http://janeswalksaskatoon.ca/index.php/about/. Samples of topics and locations of past walks are on the blog http://saskatoonjaneswalk.blogspot.ca. Visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/JanesWalkSaskatoon/.

PD Day activities

Parents’ Child Development Co-operative offers a program for school age children on Professional Development Days and other non school days such as Christmas break, Easter break and through the summer.

We operate in three schools: Brevoort Park School, St. Bernard School and St. Philip School.

For more information you can visit our website: www.mypcdc.ca

U of S Master Plan

The University of Saskatchewan is developing a new Campus Master Plan which will guide how the University will grow and develop over the coming years.

In June we are reaching out to our stakeholders for input. This will be an opportunity to provide input on topics such as connectivity to neighborhoods surrounding campus, transportation networks, outdoor landscapes, community gathering spaces, indigenous place-making, sustainability, winter city design and more.

We are planning a casual come and go event at Amigos on June 13th between 5pm and 7pm. This event is intended for the communities surrounding campus to have an opportunity to share their ideas. Please mark this in your calendars.

The event:
Our project team will be present to provide a brief overview and display sample images but the main objective is to provide an initial opportunity to share ideas, through candid conversation, on campus growth and development.

Urban Agriculture report

Last summer, you may have participated in a study on urban agriculture in Saskatoon. Now the final report has now been published! If you would like to read the full report, it’s available online at: https://urbanagresearchsk.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/asap-report-april-20171.pdf

Thank you again for your help with the project – regardless of whether it was participating in the online brainstorming exercise, coming to one of the community meetings, completing the questionnaires online, or just sharing our poster with people in your community, your help and interest was appreciated!

The purpose of this research was to inform changes to urban planning, including changes to the built environment, in order to promote access to high quality food and active living. This can contribute to improved health and self-reliance, and it is aligned the City of Saskatoon’s strategic plan.

Saskatoon Curbside Swap

Saskatoon Curbside Swap – Saturday, September 10, 2016

Do you have clean, usable stuff to give away? Want free stuff? Swap it!

Join in the city-wide Curbside Swap on Saturday, Sept. 10. It works like this – Place unwanted items in good condition on your property (next to the sidewalk or curb) and mark them as FREE for anyone to pick-up. You can also search for free items for your own household! At the end of your Swap day, return your unclaimed items to your home along with your own newfound treasures.

Giving used items a new home keeps them out of our landfill and swapping helps to build a sense of community. To find out more, visit: saskatoon.ca/curbsideswap.

Block Parties

Meet your neighbours, know your community.

Block parties are a great way to build social connections and improve your community. Knowing your neighbours can make a difference:

It’s easier to get help from neighbours we know in a medical or other emergency than from a friend 10 minutes away.
Research shows that when neighbours know and trust each other, streets are safer and people are healthier and happier.

Organizing a block party with the City of Saskatoon is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
1. visit saskatoon.ca/blockparty for an application form
2. collect signatures from 51% of the homes on your block
3. return the form with a $20 application form

The City will deliver barricades to close your street on the date you choose and pick them up when the party is over. All noise and alcohol bylaws must be observed.

For more information, visit saskatoon.ca/blockparty

Out of Your Tree Fruit Harvesting

Just a reminder we are Saskatoon and area residents dedicated to minimizing food insecurities by bringing local backyard fruit to community members in need. 1/3 of the fruit harvested goes to the tree owner, the picker and a charity of the pickers choice. Fruit owners do not have to take a their share and instead can either donate it to the picker or to the charity.

Visit the Out of Your Tree website and let them know:
1. name
2. fruit available for picking (apple, crab apple, plum, pear, apricot, cherry, etc.)
3. area of the city

We will put you in contact with a member of our organization to set up a convenient time to harvest. Please provide as much notice as possible. If the fruit is not yet ripe, we can set up volunteers ahead of time.

Out of Your Tree

Out of Your Tree in Saskatoon is an urban fruit sharing grassroots project.

GOAL: Keep edible produce from going to waste through cooperative harvesting before food ends up on the ground, in the compost or in the garbage
IDEA: Simple, a group of volunteers harvest the fruit. 1/3 is left with the home owner, 1/3 is donated and 1/3 is kept by the volunteers
ACTION: We need volunteers and we need produce. If you are interested in joining our harvesting team or if you have fruit bearing trees or other produce to share (rhubarb, apples, berries, vegetables, etc.) please register with us. We are also accepting monetary donations, as well as, harvesting and processing supplies. If you want to help coordinate harvests in your neighbourhood please email us (see below). Talk it up! The best way to get others involved is to ask them!
REWARDS: A great FLEXIBLE volunteer opportunity; get the kids involved. When a harvest opportunity comes in, we will contact the list of volunteers to see who is available. AND you get to take home fresh, locally grown produce. Excellent for the homeowner who gets their fruit harvested, contributes to the community and has less clean-up come fall.

Kidney Foundation Door-to-Door Campaign

In early 2016, the Saskatoon Branch of the Kidney Foundation of Canada will be conducting a campaign by telephone to recruit canvassers for our Door-to-Door Campaign, which will take place from March 11th – March 24nd 2016.

The Door-to-Door Campaign is a crucial component of our fundraising initiatives in Saskatoon, during which we rely almost entirely on volunteers. Many of our volunteers return year after year, but like any organization, we are always looking for new people to get involved and help this great cause.

The Saskatoon Branch of The Kidney Foundation of Canada is committed to reducing the burden of kidney disease by funding innovative research, providing education and support, and increasing public awareness of kidney health and organ donation.

All the funding directly benefits the people who need it the most.

Please give generously when a volunteer knocks on your door during the month of March. All volunteers will be able to write you an official tax receipt at the door.

Public Information Meeting – Proposed Rezoning

Proposed Rezoning by Agreement

1414 & 1416 Main Street (corner of Cumberland and Main)
Thursday, September 10, 2015
6:00 – 8:00 PM
Formal presentation at 6:30 PM, followed by Q&A
Brunskill School – Library (101 Wiggins Avenue)

You are invited to review a proposed rezoning of 1414 and 1416 Main Street. The applicant, BlackRock Developments, has applied to rezone the properties through a Rezoning Agreement, in order to develop a multiple-unit dwelling with 26 residential units at this location.

The purpose of the meeting is to provide neighbouring residents and property owners the opportunity to learn details of the proposed rezoning, obtain public input on the matter, and to provide details on the rezoning process.

(Come to the presentation and you can still make it to the Varsity View Movie in the Park afterward!)

For more information, please contact:
Brent McAdam, MCIP, RPP
Planning and Development Division, Community Services Department, City of Saskatoon
222-3rd Avenue North, Saskatoon, S7K 0J5
Email: brent.mcadam@saskatoon.ca PH: (306) 986-0902 Fax: (306) 975-7712

City-Wide Curbside Swap

September 12, 2015 is city-wide Curbside Swap day

Got free, useable stuff?
Want free, usable stuff?
Swap it!

At a Curbside Swap, unwanted items in good condition are placed on the curb and marked as free, for anyone to pick up. Giving these items a new home keeps them out of our landfill and reduces our community’s environmental footprint.

Join the city-wide Curbside Swap day on Saturday, September 12, by placing items on your curb that you want to give away and/or by searching for free treasures that others set-out. Make sure whatever you set-out or pick-up is clearly marked as “FREE.” The swap ends by 6:00 p.m., when it’s time to return your unclaimed items to your home along with your newfound treasures.

– Clearly mark all items that you wish to swap as “FREE” and remove any items you wish to keep from your lawn and curb.
– Do not block roads/sidewalks with items.
– Obey all traffic laws and watch for children.
– Do not drive/walk on other people’s lawns.
– Do not discard items on someone else’s lawn/curb.

Check out https://www.saskatoon.ca/services-residents/waste-recycling/recycling/saskatoon-curbside-swap for further information, including downloadable “FREE STUFF” signs