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Corridor Proposed Land Use Plans

This work is part of the Housing Accelerator Fund Action Plan endorsed by City Council in May 2023 intended to increase available housing in Saskatoon. Since the public engagement sessions in Fall 2023, the City has been working on initiatives identified in the Housing Accelerator Fund Action Plan to have even more impact on housing in Saskatoon. As a result, much of what was presented in Fall 2023 is no longer what the City is working toward.

Incorporating the required changes from the Housing Accelerator Fund Action Plan and feedback from the fall engagement sessions, the Corridor Planning team has completed revisions to the proposed land use plans. College Drive Corridor and 8th Street Corridor images below.

NOTE: Video recording and presentation slides of February 29, 2024 online information session are now posted on the City page below.


Corridor Growth Area – Land Uses

The following land use descriptions can be found in the Official Community Plan (OCP) – Revised December 19, 2022.

Corridor Transit Village Land designated as “Corridor Transit Village” has the potential for a mix of medium to high density residential, commercial, institutional, and recreational uses that are located in strategic locations along the BRT network and have the opportunity to significantly contribute to corridor growth objectives and targets in the Growth Plan to Half a Million. These sites are typically located within Urban Centres and are intended to provide a mix of employment, residential, recreational, and open space uses that support and benefit from their location along the BRT network. These sites are typically developed in a phased fashion.

Station Mixed Use Land designated as “Station Mixed Use” has the potential for medium density, generally three to six storey mixed use developments that incorporate transit-oriented development principles and a broad range of residential, commercial, institutional, cultural, and community uses. Depending on the site context or as determined through the Corridor Area Plan process, there will be cases where modest differences in height will be permitted. These lands are located on the BRT routes near to a BRT station as illustrated in the BRT map, (refer to Appendix D, Map 6 – High-Frequency Transit Corridor and Transit Villages) or as determined through a Corridor Area Plan.

Corridor Mixed Use Land designated as “Corridor Mixed Use” has the potential for medium density, two to four storey mixed use developments that are pedestrian-oriented and incorporate transit-oriented development principles. These lands are located on the BRT routes between station locations, or on other major transportation corridors in proximity to the BRT routes or as determined through the Corridor Area Plan process.

Corridor Main Street Land designated as “Corridor Main Street” has the potential for medium density mixed use developments that are pedestrian-oriented and incorporate transit-oriented development principles. These areas are typically existing commercial streets located on the public transit system. Corridor Main Street areas are intended to enhance the existing character, function, and built form in historic or significant commercial districts located within the Corridor Growth Area.

Corridor Residential Land designated as “Corridor Residential” has the potential for ground-oriented, low to medium density residential development. These areas are located near to the BRT routes and are intended to provide a transition of densities from Station Mixed Use, Corridor Mixed Use and/or Corridor Main Street lands into the surrounding neighbourhoods.


Land Use Along Corridor Areas—Public Engagement Opportunities

In May 2023 Saskatoon City Council approved the Housing Accelerator Fund Action Plan.

As part of this, the City will be working with the community to create land use and zoning plans for five specific corridor plan areas (largely within Circle Drive, see map above) to enable new housing development. Community members are invited to offer input on proposed land use plans that are intended to go to City Council for approval Spring 2024. If the proposed land use plans receive City Council approval, the City will lead the rezoning process in these areas at no cost for any interested landowner within a Corridor Plan Area. For landowners and other stakeholders, the ultimate purpose of the project is to simplify the process of creating new housing.

We will be holding engagement sessions for this project in each of the five plan areas over the next couple of months, and everyone is invited to attend and give their feedback.

22nd Street
Wed. October 11
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Station 20 West
1120 20th St W

Wed. October 18
6:00­–8:30 p.m.
Cosmopolitan Seniors Centre
614 11th St E

Thurs. October 26
6:00­–8:00 p.m.
Round Prairie Library
250 Hunter Rd – #170

Wed. November 1
6:30­–8:30 p.m.
St. Michael Community School
22 33rd St E

8th Street
Thurs. November 9
5:30-7:30 p.m.
The Centre Mall (West)
3310 8th St E (West side -door 1)

An interactive online survey is available for people who want to participate virtually or are unable to attend in person. Project updates will be available at saskatoon.ca/corridorlanduse.

If you have any questions about the upcoming land use and rezoning engagements, please send an email to corridorplans@saskatoon.ca and someone will get back to you.

The City of Saskatoon is committed to working with the community to find ways to increase housing availability for all. More projects with a similar aim will be coming up as part of the Action Plan. You can find out more information at saskatoon.ca/housingactionplan.

If you are interested in joining our mailing list to stay informed of this rezoning opportunity and to find out about potential related incentives, please click this link and fill out the form.  

If you are looking for information on any aspect of the City of Saskatoon’s Corridor Planning Program please reach out to our project team at corridorplans@saskatoon.ca. We are looking to make the Corridor Plans as inclusive as possible, so please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think may be interested.