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Urban Agriculture report

Last summer, you may have participated in a study on urban agriculture in Saskatoon. Now the final report has now been published! If you would like to read the full report, it’s available online at: https://urbanagresearchsk.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/asap-report-april-20171.pdf

Thank you again for your help with the project – regardless of whether it was participating in the online brainstorming exercise, coming to one of the community meetings, completing the questionnaires online, or just sharing our poster with people in your community, your help and interest was appreciated!

The purpose of this research was to inform changes to urban planning, including changes to the built environment, in order to promote access to high quality food and active living. This can contribute to improved health and self-reliance, and it is aligned the City of Saskatoon’s strategic plan.

Urban Agriculture Community Meeting

Participants Wanted!
How Can Urban Agriculture Work For You?

How do you think we could bring more urban agriculture to your neighbourhood?
Come share your ideas at your neighbourhood’s community meeting!

The Ward 6 community meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, August 30th, at 6:30pm. It’s being hosted at the J.S. Wood Library (1801 Lansdowne Avenue) . Participation is limited to the first 10 respondents, so register today! We’re still looking for a few more community members attend that meeting, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could share this information with your local associations! Meetings will take about 90 minutes, snacks will be provided, and everyone who attends will be entered in a draw to win a CHEP Good Food Box!

If community members aren’t able to make it to their own ward’s meeting, but they would still like to participate, we may be able to find an alternate meeting date for them. They can contact us by email at urban.ag.research.sk@gmail.com to find an alternate arrangement. Lastly, if people are unable to make it to any of the meetings, they can still participate in just the online portion by going to the following website: http://conceptsystemsglobal.com/ASAP/sort/rate

These meetings are being held as a part of a research project on urban agriculture through the U of S College of Nursing. Our goal is to create an urban agriculture plan for Saskatoon that can increase access to quality, affordable food. For more information on this project, please contact Wanda Martin by email at wanda.martin@usask.ca, or call (306) 966-5429.

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Urban Agriculture Research

This research project, being run out of the University of Saskatchewan, is investigating how to best promote urban agricultural projects within Saskatoon, and we are looking for community members to participate! The goals of this study are to support the work of the Saskatoon Food Council, to guide changes to the built environment within Saskatoon, and to promote access to high quality food and active living.

We are looking for people to participate in small group discussions about how to create urban agriculture projects within all the different neighbourhoods in Saskatoon. We want to create an urban agriculture plan for Saskatoon that can increase access to quality, affordable food while providing opportunities for physical activity, and these meetings will help us understand the work needed to achieve these goals.

Meetings will take approximately 90 minutes. To be contacted about meetings in your area, please click here to register. If you would like more information on the research project, please contact Wanda Martin at wanda.martin@usask.ca, or call (306) 966-5429 during normal office hours.

Types of Urban Agriculture:
– herb gardens
– micro livestock
– fence gardens
– beehives
– greenhouse
– berry patches
– vegetable gardens
– community garden
– edible landscape
– backyard garden
– container garden
– orchards