Program Registration

VVCA Code of Conduct

All participants must read and agree to our VVCA Code of Conduct.
Varsity View Community Association (VVCA) is committed to providing an environment free of abuse, discrimination, and harassment because of one’s race, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or any other characteristics covered by Human Rights legislation. This policy will apply to all executive, volunteers, instructors, coaches, and players and parents.

We believe that those involved in VVCA activities shall reach for the ideals of a strong community that include:
• Respect for the rules of the sport or activity involved
• Respect for officials, coaches, volunteers and acceptance of their decisions
• Respect for other participants
• Concern for equal opportunity and participation
• Dignity under all circumstances
• Respect for the rules of Fair Play and principles of sportsmanship
• Zero tolerance for abusive or threatening language/behaviour

Individuals who believe that a breach of this policy has occurred may file a complaint with the VVCA Executive. Such complaint may be verbal (if informal) or in writing (formal). Any formal complaints will be dealt with by a quorum of the VVCA Executive within 30 days of written receipt. VVCA Executive will work to rectify the situation with the parties involved. This could include removal of the individual/family from activities of the VVCA as a volunteer, instructor, coach, observing parent, player, or executive for up to two years.

Please indicate your acceptance of these conditions during program registration.

Kinder Soccer 2023 registration

3-4 year olds. Season open May 1 to June 30. $40 fee/child. Registration closes April 21, 2023.

    A membership fee of $10/individual OR $20/family per year is required to participate in programs and must be purchased or presented at the time of registration. Varsity View Community Association honours other community association memberships.

    After registering your child for Kinder Soccer, please send an e-transfer payment to Please add additional funds if needed for a VVCA membership. PLEASE INCLUDE “KINDER SOCCER” AND THE CHILD’S AND FAMILY NAME IN THE E-TRANSFER MESSAGE!