City Seeks Community Input on Wetland Policy

The City of Saskatoon (City) is seeking input on a new planning initiative that will establish a framework for the identification, preservation, and management of wetlands in the City’s future growth areas. The Wetland Policy will ensure that impacts to wetlands are an important consideration in any future development decisions within Saskatoon.

Saskatoon is growing and with that comes pressure on the natural environment. Saskatoon and the surrounding areas contain a significant number of wetlands that when preserved can provide many social, environmental, and economic benefits to the community. The benefits of integrating wetlands into the urban landscape include:

  • replenishing ground water supply;
  • reduced flooding;
  • less reliance on traditional storm water infrastructure;
  • habitat preservation;
  • improved water and air quality; and
  • recreational and educational opportunities.

The Wetland Policy will require developers to account for and address impacts to wetlands as part of the development of new neighbourhoods so that the effects can be minimized and important wetlands can be preserved and integrated into the city.

The preservation of important wetlands supports many of the strategic goals identified in the City’s Strategic Plan 2012-2022. Specifically, the Wetland Policy furthers the strategic goals of Quality of Life and Environmental Leadership by preserving natural areas for citizens to enjoy, reducing damage to property from flooding, improving water quality, and providing habitat for plant and animal life.

To provide feedback on the draft Wetland Policy or to learn more about wetlands in Saskatoon, please visit the City’s website,