Easter Seals Drop Zone!

The Easter Seals Drop Zone will showcase Saskatoon’s finest Superheroes on August 25, 2014, as they rappel down Boardwalk Rental Communities’ 22-storey Carlton Tower in a heroic effort to raise money for Easter Seals Saskatchewan and to make a huge difference in the lives of children and youth living with varying abilities.

With fun and fortitude, participants that raise $1,500.00 or more will be able to rappel down the side of one of Saskatoon’s tallest buildings. All participants are trained by expert staff and on event day participants are supervised by Remote Access Technology – a team of professionals who rappel in situations all over the world.

Music, food, refreshments, and good cheer will flood the event as participants touch down after their descent. The 2014 Superhero After-Party will be just as exciting as the Superheroes’ rappel! It is a chance for participants, sponsors, and volunteers to share and celebrate their Superhero experiences while Easter Seals staff will have an opportunity to recognize the heroic fundraising efforts made by these individuals.

Does it get any better? Yes, you could be involved!

Here’s how —-inspired individuals and/or teams can register online at www.thedropzone.ca

The Easter Seals Drop Zone promises to be the most unique event you will experience in 2014. Words cannot explain the pride you will find in taking part in this thrilling event. You can make a significant difference in the lives of many deserving children and youth in Saskatchewan.

Is there a Superhero in you just waiting to emerge? If you would like more information on getting involved in the Easter Seals Drop Zone, feel free to contact us.