2015 Waste and Recycling Calendar


The 2015 Waste and Recycling Calendar has been expanded to feature all three black, blue and the optional green cart schedules in one easy-to-follow format.

Every household will receive the new calendar which outlines the garbage, recycling and yard waste curbside cart collection days specific to their home address. It also provides useful information on how to use and place carts for pick-up, how to subscribe to the optional green cart program ($55 in 2015), as well as other waste recycling and disposal options around the city. The Calendar also reflects the recent change to garbage collection frequency during April and October from once a week to once every two weeks.
A searchable, online version of the calendar is also available to help residents to avoid missed collections. Through SaskatoonRecycles.ca, citizens can search their cart schedules by their home address and also sign up for free collection day reminders by email or phone. In 2015, garbage and recycling will be collected on the same day of the week as in 2014, except in the City Park and Exhibition neighbourhoods where recycling collection day is changing to Thursdays starting January 8.

The 2015 Waste and Recycling Calendar will be in your mailbox around December 24.