Great Annual Saskatchewan Pedal 2015

The Great Annual Saskatchewan Pedal is a bicycle ride across some of the greatest frontier of North America. GASP is a bicycle tour, and not a race. The tour is designed to allow you to travel at your pace while providing you with the support you need to enjoy the tour.

GASP 2015: From Border to Border … Again!
In 2005 for the provincial centennial the GASP tour traversed the province. Ten years later were are going to do it again. Over that time the tour has grown so this year we are offer two tours.

The first tour (E section July 18-25) will be geared towards more experienced touring cyclists and provides a more basic level of support. SAG stops will be less frequent otherwise the same support will be provided. The second section (B section July 19-26) will be geared towards less experienced touring cyclist and provide a SAG wagon stop approximately 20-30kms.

The tour will start near Macklin, on the Alberta – Saskatchewan border. From there we will be working our way out east with stops in Wilkie, Biggar, Saskatoon, Wakaw, Tisdale and Hudson Bay (the town not the water body!). You will enjoy riding roads through beautiful prairies, parklands and forests. 624 km of Saskatchewan highways. It will be a challenge but remember this tour is fully supported with SAG wagons!

GASP provides an introduction to cycle touring in a supportive manner. Luggage is transferred for cyclists, SAG Wagons make periodic stops and provide refreshments including juice, water, fruit and light snacks. We want you to cycle the whole tour but we’ll be there to help you to the destination if need be.

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