#25 Special Transit Bus Schedule

ROUTES of the #25 Special city transit bus:

The #25 Special service is available MONDAY to FRIDAY. It leaves from the sidewalk stop alongside the driveway of Luther Tower, 1223 Temperance Street and serves the residents of Luther Tower, HOWEVER, the bus service is available for community residents to use as well. The bus operates as an express bus between Luther Tower and Midtown Plaza or Market Mall, with a few transfer stops offered. Regular bus fares apply.

Proviso 1: is that passengers new to this service be kind enough to let Tower residents get into their accustomed seats. They will have been waiting seated in the Tower entrance. They are not required to wait outside for the Temperance St. bus arrival but do go outside for the bus arrival at the Market Mall & Midtown Plaza stops.
Proviso 2: is that in inclement weather & the bus has arrived early, passengers should feel free to get into the seats further back. Passengers are also welcome to wait in the Luther Tower front vestibule with the residents during inclement weather.

To the Market Mall destination:
The AM trip: departs Luther Tower @ 9:00 AM, travelling via Clarence to 8th Street – where a transfer can be made to the #8 bus to travel along 8th Street – continuing along Clarence to the Cope Cres. terminal @ Stonebridge by 9:10 AM, the Circle Drive Alliance Residence by 9:15, then via Preston to Market Mall by 9:21 AM.

For the return trip the #25 leaves Market Mall @ 12:10 via Preston to Circle Drive Alliance Residence & returning to Cope Cres. & via Clarence, 12th & Wiggins to Luther Tower by 12:31.

The PM trip: departs Luther Tower @ 11:45 AM following the above route to arrive @ Market Mall by 12:06, leaving for return trip @ 2:36 PM, arriving @ Luther Tower by 2:57 PM

To the Mid-town Plaza destination:
The AM trip: departs Luther Tower @ 9:45 AM, travels along Clarence, 12th to Broadway – where one can disembark to transfer to bus routes travelling Broadway – along 3rd Ave. to the Downtown Terminal (for transfers), along 23rd & 1st Ave. to Mid-Town Plaza (with option to disembark along the route)
For the return trip the #25 departs the Plaza @ 11:30 following the above route (may reboard the bus @ “5 Corners” alongside Victoria Community Centre by flagging down the bus shortly after 11:30 AM).

The PM trip: departs Luther Tower @ 12:30 following the same route to arrive @ the Mid-Town Plaza, returns the same route with the pick-up @ the Mid-Town Plaza @ 2:00 PM

See the VVCA-prepared bus route map here: VVCA Special 25 Bus Route Map