Imagine Culture Photo Contest

This year’s theme: Cultures within us and around us.

Snap a photo that explores the cultural traditions in your family, school, or community. Tell us your image’s story in a short caption (200 words max). Think about your favourite food, a treasured object, a family photo album, buildings in your neighbourhood, local festivals, or even just look in the mirror – what stories of cultural heritage are told by these people, places and things?

Think about the following:
– How do we express culture in our daily lives here in Canada?
– Have you shared in someone else’s culture or traditions? Tell us about that experience.
– Is there an immigration story in your family, amongst your friends, or in your community that you can share?
– Canada has been a place where different cultures have come together for hundreds of years. Is there a historical cultural moment you can share?
– Why should we try to learn about cultures different than our own? How can it help us fight racism and discrimination? Is there an example you can share from your community?

What do we accept?
– Original photography accompanied by a 200-word caption (max.) in English or French
– For elementary students (Kindergarten to Grade 6), we accept poster or photo submissions.

What’s the deadline?
Contest entries will be accepted online from December 3, 2015 at 12:00:01 AM (ET) to March 31, 2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Pacific Time).

Who can enter?
– Elementary groups (Grades K to 6):
– Intermediate students (Grades 7 to 9, sec. I to III in QC):
– Senior students (Grades 10 to 12, sec. IV to V in QC)
– Young Adults (ages 18 to 29, non-students and students alike)


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