Air Guitar Saskatchewan Championships

Calling Saskatoon Air Heads!

Saturday, May 14th will mark the beginning of a new era with the inaugural Air Guitar Saskatchewan Championships at The Saskatoon Farmer’s Market – In support of children’s charity Creative Kids.

The Saskatchewan Air Guitar Champ will receive a ‘plethora’ of prizes, mad street cred and then go on to the National Championships in Toronto for their chance to be crowned the Canadian Champ and possibly go on to Finland for the 21st Air Guitar World Championships on Aug. 25-28th.


How does one do this? Start with an Air Guitar persona, pick a song to rock out to for one minute, and if you make it to the second round… show off your improvisational skills to the tune of a song chosen that night by the audience.

Air Guitar is about world peace. The saying goes: “When you are holding an Air Guitar, you can’t be holding a gun”

Consider it your rock and roll duty, your volunt’air’ism so to speak – because proceeds of the event go to Creative Kids, a local Saskatoon organization that aims to help children through the power of the arts and creativity.

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