Yellow Fish Road Program

Protect Our River!
Water from your Street drains directly to our river – UNTREATED.

Eight actions you can take to help keep our river clean:
• Wash your car at a carwash to prevent soap from entering storm drains.
• Scoop your dog’s poop and put it in the garbage.
• Take hazardous household chemicals to designated drop-off locations.
• Fertilize lawns and gardens naturally with compost, grass cuttings, and topsoil.
• Keep insects away with natural predators such as birds (houses), ladybugs (leaf litter), spiders (leave webs), and bats (boxes).
• Pull weeds by hand or host a weed pulling party.
• Sweep dirt and sediment onto the lawn not the street.
• Fix car leaks so fluids don’t get washed down the storm drains.

Yellow Fish RoadTM
Help build awareness by painting storm drains in your neighbourhood with a yellow fish and the words “rainwater only” This helps remind your friends and neighbours that what goes down our storm drains affects our river.

To learn more about Yellow Fish Road, visit or call the Girl Guides at 306-652-3275 to borrow a painting kit and get involved.