Property Owners Accessing City Parks

Reminder: Property Owners Accessing City Parks Require Permission

Spring is a busy time of year for projects in the yard and garden, and around the home. Saskatoon residents with property adjacent to a civic park may wish to use it as an access point for deliveries, equipment, or vehicles related to their projects. In order to ensure that parks are safe and enjoyed by everyone, any type of work in a park that requires vehicles or equipment, or restricts access, must first have approval from the City’s Parks Division.

The Parks Division will evaluate the request, conduct a site inspection, and if reasonable, provide approval. In order to minimize damage, vehicle access will be permitted only when turf conditions are dry and suitable for driving on. The property owner will be responsible for removing any litter or debris, repairing any damage at their own expense, and liable for injury that may occur as a result of the work. City inspectors regularly follow up on complaints and investigate damage to parks.
For more information or to request approval for your project, please call 306-975-3300 or visit