Christmas Hamper Program

Saskatoon Inner-City Christmas Hamper Program this Friday:

As they have done for many years, Saskatoon churches of various denominations have put together 100s of Christmas food hampers to give those who could use a little extra help at Christmas.

The hampers have already been organized and prepared. All that is needed now is to deliver them from St. Mary’s Parish Hall (20th Street and Avenue O) to waiting recipients in the area.

Volunteered help is needed to do this:
1. Carry the hampers from the St. Mary’s parish hall to vehicles on the street that will deliver them.
2. And/or drive or ride along to help deliver the hampers.

If you can and wish to help, please come to St. Mary’s Parish Hall (20th Street and Avenue O) this Friday, December 23 at 12:30 pm. There will be many other single and couple volunteers there. Your help is most welcome and needed, whether or not you are a parish member or church goer.

If you can bring a vehicle, fine. But you do not need to bring a vehicle. There will be many.

In past Christmases, the entire delivery of 100s of hampers has been finished in less than 2 hours.