Fall Street Sweeping


With winter just around the corner, it’s that time of the year for the annual two-week fall sweeping program to begin. City street sweepers will be removing leaves and debris from roads in heavily treed neighbourhoods. As you tidy your yard this fall we want to remind you that street sweepers will be coming to your neighbourhood very soon.

The program is expected to start Monday, October 16, and is determined by the weather and the amount of leaves on the ground.

Be on the lookout for the bright yellow No Parking signs that lets you know your street is about to be swept, and ensure your vehicle is off the street to avoid a possible ticket and tow.

Please do not push or blow leaves onto the street. This is illegal and residents may receive a Bylaw Notice if it is determined they pushed their leaves onto the street. Excess leaves can delay the cleaning schedule or even cause the entire street to be skipped.

Place yard clippings in your City of Saskatoon green cart or consider taking them to one of the City’s compost depots for free. Learn how you can compost at home at Saskatoon.ca/homecomposting.

Find your neighbourhood sweeping schedule at saskatoon.ca/sweeping and monitor City of Saskatoon Service Alerts to hear about unexpected changes that can affect your sweeping day.