Jane’s Walk 2020

Jane’s Walk Saskatoon
May 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2020

20 free walks will be posted by mid April on the http://janeswalksaskatoon.ca website with starting location, time and date.

General Description: Jane’s Walk in Saskatoon explores a wide range of our city’s landscapes from quirky hideaways and hot button issues to cultural and historical stories. Volunteers lead the group sharing the story they are passionate about while encouraging dialogue.  Each of the 20 unique walks take an hour, run throughout the weekend, and are free.  Participants just show up.

Join the thousands of people who take part in a Jane’s Walk now in 212 cities world wide, inspired by the urban activist Jane Jacobs.  She knew “vital cities are not helpless to combat even the most difficult problems” and so encouraged people to deeply know the neighbourhoods by walking their city.