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Culture Days 2017

Friday September 29 – Sunday October 1, 2017

Millions of Canadians engage in thousands of free activities and performances hosted by artists, cultural organizations and municipalities in communities across Canada. From Nunavut to New Brunswick, and from British Columbia to Baffin Island – and all points in between – we share all the inspiration, artistry, creativity and expression that reflects the mosaic of Canadian culture.

As a leading national voice for an active and engaged cultural life, we provide marketing and industry development resources that lead to greater cultural engagement. The Culture Days national awareness campaign culminates in a three-day celebration of the arts starting on the last Friday of September.

What We Do
Every Culture Days weekend features thousands of free, hands-on, interactive activities where the public can discover the world of artists, creators, heritage experts, architects, curators, designers and other creative professionals in their communities.

With thousands of activities promoted through culturedays.ca, our digital channels, and national media partnerships, we drive a multi-level national awareness campaign designed to inspire and catalyze greater public arts participation in all Canadian communities.

Culture Days is a collaborative initiative that welcomes public participation. Everyone has a part to play in Culture Days whether you’re already passionate about the arts or interested in discovering something new.


Nutana Speaks: Wednesday April 29th

Nutana Speaks: Wednesday April 29th 6:30pm at Ecole Victoria School –

The wonderful Sum Theatre Company is embarking on an exciting initiative to generate theatre and the arts at the neighbourhood level in Nutana and are inviting you to an evening of “Dotmocracy and Discussion” on the question – How can Sum Theatre create more arts and cultural opportunities in Nutana? This is a pioneering partnership with a Community Association. The way the producers explained it: this is only the first of several neighbourhoods they would like to work with if the experiment goes well.