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Broadway Avenue Improvement begins May 2

Much anticipated work at Broadway Avenue is set to begin this Monday, May 2nd.

“Good weather and good planning has kept this significant project on time and on target,” says Celene Anger, Director of Construction and Design. “With so many contributing factors playing into this project, keeping to the schedule as much as possible has been, and will continue to be a top priority.”

The Broadway Avenue Improvement Project will see extensive water main upgrades and road resurfacing to Broadway Avenue and surrounding areas, with work scheduled to last approximately five months. The project has been specifically designed to minimize impact on the community, allowing for business to remain open and events to take place as normally as possible.

“We’re modernizing the infrastructure under our City’s very first commercial district,” Anger says. “When this work is complete, Broadway Avenue residents and businesses will see a marked reduction in water main breaks, which will mean fewer disruptions for everyone.

“The road resurfacing will make Broadway Avenue look better and last longer. When people attend events like the Fringe Festival, they are going to see a huge difference in the quality of the street surface.”

As the project is starting on time, the scheduled closure of Broadway Bridge is also on target for May 9, and will be closed to vehicle traffic for approximately one week. However, pedestrians and cyclists will be able to use the walkways on the bridge.

“If Broadway Avenue is a typical way downtown, we’re reminding those folks to reroute their commute during the construction and to use another bridge such as the Senator Sid Buckwold Bridge,” she says.

Saskatoon Transit will also be rerouting its commute, using alternate streets including Dufferin Avenue as necessary.

For more information please visit saskatoon.ca/broadway.

Slow down, pay attention and respect work zones. Watch for pedestrians and work crews, and for everyone’s safety, please obey all detours, signs and barriers.

University Bridge Closure

University Bridge Closure – “A pain in the Asphalt”

The University Bridge will be closed on May 3rd for the remainder of the summer while the deck is replaced. There will be no lanes open for regular traffic, but on lane open for buses and emergency vehicles. There will be one pedestrian walkway open for walking and cycling during the closure as well. There will be some inconvenience there is no question. There is a traffic management plan posted on the City Website here if you want more information.