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Campsite Reservations Open April 2 2019

Campsite reservations for the 2019 season kick off on Tuesday, April 2 with seasonal bookings.

For the first time, seasonal campsites will be booked on the new online reservation system.  Due to high demand for these sites, a queuing system will be used to ensure a fair process.

Reservations for seasonal campsites open Tuesday, April 2 at 7 a.m.  Reservations open at 7 a.m. on April 4 for group camping sites, and April 8 to 18 for nightly sites.

With the newly upgraded online reservation system, available at https://saskparks.goingtocamp.com, all campers need to create a new account.

More information can be found here.

Learn to Camp!

The Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport has an exciting new opportunity for those who are new to camping! The Provincial Parks have partnered with Coleman and Canadian Tire to launch a new Learn to Camp program aimed at teaching first time users the basics of camping.

Between June 27 and August 16 we are running Learn to Camp programs in three of our provincial parks. In this program participants will have a chance at a hands on approach; they will be lead through how to use different camping equipment such as a camp stove as well as some basic camping skills such as firing building, all of which is helping prepare then to go out on their own!

We are also offering a community outreach in which the participants will learn some of the basics of planning a camping, including what gear they will need, helping prepare them for the best experience possible. This part of the program is offered for free and we would love to come out to as many places as possible!

Learn to Camp website.