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Bus Stop Blues

“Bus Stop Blues” – Help shape the future of Saskatoon Transit and improve the transit experience! From now to Sept 20, 2017, post a photo and the location of the bus stop you would like to see improved, and add the hashtag #busstopbluesyxe.

Our Facebook and/or Twitter posts – Saskatoon Transit Twitter (@stoontransit) and City of Saskatoon Facebook and Twitter (@cityofsaskatoon) are also an easy way to share the information from your social media accounts to your neighbors.

City Growth Plan Questionnaire


The City of Saskatoon is acting on the Growth Plan to Half a Million, starting with the core initiative of Corridor Growth.


Complete a Questionnaire March 20 – April 10 Find it at saskatoon.ca/corridor-growth

Residents, Business Owners, and Community Leaders are invited to provide input on the development of the Corridor Planning Program.

This questionnaire should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

The Growth Plan explores ways to encourage growth and redevelopment near Saskatoon’s major corridors in order to reduce outward growth pressures, provide more housing options close to employment areas, and enhance transportation choices throughout the City. Residents have expressed a desire for sustainable growth options and a better balance of outward and upward growth. Corridor Growth is essential to transforming low-density, auto-centric land uses into vibrant, complete communities that support attractive transit. The Growth Plan identifies a shortlist of major corridors with greatest potential for redevelopment and supporting future Bus Rapid Transit. These corridors include portions of: 8th Street East, Preston Avenue, 22nd Street West and Idlywyld Drive North.

For more information, visit saskatoon.ca/growth or contact us at 306-986-3039.