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Broadway Avenue Improvement Project Starts in May

Extensive water main upgrades and road resurfacing will begin along Broadway Avenue on May 2. The work will last approximately five months, and has been specifically designed to minimize the impact on the community as much as possible. Broadway Avenue will remain open for business and entertainment as the work is completed in phases.

“This work will result in fewer water main breaks in the future, meaning less disruption to businesses and drivers,” says Celene Anger, Director of Construction and Design. “Road resurfacing will extend the lifespan of the avenue and result in a new, smoother surface. Deferring this project would result in further deterioration and increase future construction costs.”

In the first phase, the Broadway Bridge will be closed for approximately one week. The City will take this opportunity to simultaneously complete asset perseveration work on adjacent roads north of the bridge, minimizing the overall time the bridge will be closed. Commuters are being asked to reroute their commute during the summer-long project, making use of other bridges and highways. Detours will be clearly marked, and when necessary, the primary detour route around Broadway Avenue (when the bridge is open) will be Dufferin Avenue.

When work on Broadway Avenue is complete, the project will move onto side streets, including block sections of 10th, 11th, and 12th Streets as well as a four block section of Main Street. Residents who require individual sewer line or lead water line replacements have already been notified.

“We have been working with homeowners and businesses since last November, giving as much advance notice as possible. Throughout construction there will be some unavoidable inconveniences, specifically with water supply and route access”, says Anger. “Whenever homes and businesses are briefly without regular water access, water will be supplied via temporary hookups.”

For more information please visit saskatoon.ca/broadway.

Slow down, pay attention and respect work zones. Watch for pedestrians and work crews, and for everyone’s safety, please obey all detours, signs and barriers.

Know before you go! Plan your route around road work by checking our Road Restrictions and Construction Projects interactive map. Find traffic detour information and subscribe to Traffic Detour Service Alerts at saskatoon.ca/service-alerts. You can also follow us on Twitter @YXEServiceAlert and with #betterroadsYXE.

Pothole reporting

Pothole reporting – starts April 4

Once the snow melts and the hot asphalt mix is available for use in the spring, the City begins its annual pothole blitz. City and private crews head out in full force to patch potholes across the city, beginning with high-traffic priority streets. Potholes in driving lanes are prioritized ahead of curbside potholes.

Help guide us to where the worst potholes are by reporting online at: https://www.saskatoon.ca/moving-around/driving-roadways/road-maintenance-repair/pothole-utility-cut-repairs
Or call 306-975-2476 to report emergency locations.

Street Sweeping and Utility Repair Schedules

Wondering when your street will be swept? This website has the for the schedule for this year: Most of Ward 6 will be done over the next two weeks, except Holliston which will be done by June 8th.

There is also a slick new map showing utility cuts and populating a schedule for them to be repaired. Check out this interactive map showing repair schedule. (some of the cuts have yet to be scheduled but should be identified on the map).