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Grosvenor Park Traffic Review Update

The Grosvenor Park Neighbourhood Traffic Review is now complete and will be going to the City Council meeting on April 24, 2017 for final approval.

That the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation recommend to City Council: That the Neighbourhood Traffic Review for the Grosvenor Park neighbourhood be adopted as the framework for future traffic improvements in the area, to be undertaken as funding is made available through the annual budget process.

Report Highlights
A Neighbourhood Traffic Plan for the Grosvenor Park neighbourhood was developed in consultation with the community in response to concerns such as speeding, traffic shortcutting, and pedestrian safety. The plan will be implemented over time as funding for the improvements is available.

Strategic Goal
This report supports the Strategic Goal of Moving Around by providing a plan to guide the installation of traffic calming devices and pedestrian safety enhancements to improve the safety of pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists.

A public meeting was held in April 2016 to identify traffic concerns and potential solutions within the Grosvenor Park neighbourhood. Representatives from the Saskatoon Police Service were in attendance to address traffic enforcement issues. Based on the residents’ input provided at the initial public meeting and the analysis of the traffic data collected, a Neighbourhood Traffic Plan was developed and presented to the community at a second public meeting held in January 2017.

City of Sasktoon Traffic Review Report (report)
City of Saskatoon Traffic Review Presentation