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‘Go Wild’ with WWF-Canada this Spring!

This spring WWF-Canada wants you to join us and Go Wild. From March 5 to April 15, tell us how you will get people in your community more involved to help nature thrive and we’ll support the top five ideas with up to $1,000 each!

We are looking for ideas that will help you rejuvenate the experience of nature in your community – that bring people together to make a difference. Whether your idea involves planting or protecting, counting or training, celebrating or solving, leading or inviting, we want to hear from you!

Here are some fun ideas from WWF staff to get your creative juices flowing:

“To get my friends engaged in the watershed they live in, I’d like to take them fishing in the Rouge River, near Toronto’s downtown. There’s an impressive diversity of native fish species in this urban river. While we’re at it, I’ll ask them to help me take some water and bug samples to include in WWF’s Freshwater Health Assessment!”
– James Snider, Acting Freshwater Director, WWF-Canada

“People in Vancouver are always surprised to hear that one of the significant threats to whales in the Salish Sea is underwater noise from passing ships and boats. I’d like to set up an underwater microphone in the habitat of endangered orcas that is linked to a public institution to broadcast underwater sounds live. This would allow the public to appreciate how orcas communicate and how noise pollution affects them, and encourage them to think more about ways to help the whales in our region.”
– Hussein Alidina, Senior Officer, Marine Planning, WWF-Canada.

Why Go Wild?

Nature isn’t only a far-off place or pristine wilderness. Thinking of nature as something that is “over there” makes it easy to ignore in our daily actions and decisions. But, experiencing nature doesn’t necessarily require a long car ride or a map or the right gear.

Nature is something you experience and benefit from every day. It’s our backyards, gardens and ravines. It’s our rivers, lakes and oceans. It’s our fresh air and clean water, our parks, both big and small. Nature is on your doorstep, no matter where you live, and it provides you with unlimited benefits that are essential for a healthy life. And the more we get involved with nature, the more we understand how it needs our help.

We invite you to open the door to a little more nature in your life and tell us your great idea to help nature thrive in your community.

When Canadians Go Wild and experience nature and conservation within their community, their impact grows beyond their single act. It grows the presence of nature in their community and it inspires a deeper connection to nature that colours future actions and decisions, keeping nature and its value top of mind.

See website for more information.