Varsity View Local Area Plan reports

The Varsity View Local Area Plan (LAP) now has its own page here on the VVCA website. You can check for information on the LAP, whether upcoming meetings, or to review the drafts done so far on the Plan.
SEPTEMBER 2013: The complete Varsity View Local Area Plan draft document is ready for review!

The report itself is available at:

Given that the majority of the report has been previously reviewed by the LAPC, it is hoped that it can be reviewed in two meetings, although a third meeting is tentatively scheduled if necessary. Each of the following meetings are from 7:00 p.m. til 9:30 p.m. in the Brunskill School Library (101 Wiggins Avenue South):
– Wednesday, September 25 – Review Meeting #1
– Wednesday, October 2 – Review Meeting #2

– Thursday, October 3 – Review Meeting #3 (if necessary)

Review Meeting #1 willl aim to cover the following sections: 3.0 Parks & Open Space, 5.0 Traffic & Circulation, 6.0 Active Transportation, 1.0 Land Use, and 2.0 Infill & Redevelopment.

The agenda for Review Meeting #2 will pick up after that and also endeavour to review the remaining portions of the document. As well, we will discuss the approval process ahead that will culminate with adoption of the report by City Council, which then allows for the implementation of recommendations to begin.

From City Hall: “The LAP is a very lengthy document, so if you are unable to review every page of each chapter, I suggest you focus upon reviewing the identified goals and recommendations for each section. As you review the report, it will be helpful to make notes for yourself to bring to the meetings.

If you are unable to attend the review meetings, please provide any comments to me prior to the meetings and I can share your thoughts with the group on your behalf.

Thank you to all members of the Varsity View LAPC for your contributions and patience during the creation of the Varsity View LAP!”

Notes from past meetings and LAP reports for other neighbourhoods can be found on the City of Saskatoon website at (look under “L” → Local Area Planning).