VVCA/President Murray Park – A Place To Play (Update)



A big project Varsity View Community Association took on was the addition to the play area in President Murray Park! It turned out to be a four year project! We (VVCA) applied for a park enhancement grant from the city! We received it , went to numerous meetings with playground architects etc., and came up with the plan ! It was built in three stages. The first we recognized we hadn’t finished the circuit (that being climbing through the web to monkey bars to bridge to pods to wall to zipper bridge to wall to monkey bars) then we decided to finish it with some more structures to complete the circuit! With all the excitement of the new structures the park is very busy so the third stage was installing benches! We had two benches installed. On each bench there is a dedication plaque recognizing persons who made a major donation towards the playground!

We call this “A Place To Play”, and we welcome you to visit and enjoy President Murray Park.


Barb Giles, VVCA Indoor Program Coordinator