Infill Guidelines – A Balanced Plan




VVCA and other community associations long have been advocating for regulations that provide sensible solutions and expect ”a positive net yield” to the community from new developments. To raise the profile and level of discussion of the issue in the city, VVCA and other CA from across Saskatoon’s co-hosted a public lecture by world-renowned infill specialist, Harold Madi which was praised by city officials, progressive developers, as well as the public.

The current proposed guideline process been open and public with multiple opportunities for stakeholder input. The city’s administration is to be commended for this open and dynamic process which to my knowledge, is unprecedented in Saskatoon. Hundreds of hours of dialogue and discussion have formed the current document as well as countless hours by civic officials and a volunteer committee to examine the minutiae of each building parameter and fine-tune the details.

This carefully brokered compromise is at risk if council hesitates to pass the proposal in its current form. This delay and potential failure flies in the face of the resources invested in City of Saskatoon staff time, in addition to thousands of hours of citizens’ input. VVCA sees a dire need to implement well-thought development guidelines as our community faces new developments with outdated bylaw tools.

We encourage city council to adopt the proposals and listen to the voice of citizens. It would be sound thinking to ask which individuals or special interests groups benefit from the 11th hour lobbying or a potential failed compromise.

James Perkins
President, VVCA

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