Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners Public Consultation

“Creating a Culture of Community Safety”
Tuesday June 16th 7-9pm at the Farmer’s Market (inside)

This is the first time that the Police Commission has hosted a public forum for a long time. This as a very timely opportunity to have a dialogue with the community about community safety, to hear directly from residents about their experiences and ideas.

The Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners is holding a public consultation to hear directly from Saskatoon residents about these issues:
– Does our community feel safe to you, to your friends and to your neighbours?
– What tells you whether our community feels safe or not?
– Who has the responsibility for creating a safe community?
– What do you believe should be the areas of greatest focus going forward by the police service and other agencies?

This is an opportunity to speak directly to the Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners on “Creating a culture of community safety,” an issue that affects every one of us.

More information can be found here