City-Wide Curbside Swap

September 12, 2015 is city-wide Curbside Swap day

Got free, useable stuff?
Want free, usable stuff?
Swap it!

At a Curbside Swap, unwanted items in good condition are placed on the curb and marked as free, for anyone to pick up. Giving these items a new home keeps them out of our landfill and reduces our community’s environmental footprint.

Join the city-wide Curbside Swap day on Saturday, September 12, by placing items on your curb that you want to give away and/or by searching for free treasures that others set-out. Make sure whatever you set-out or pick-up is clearly marked as “FREE.” The swap ends by 6:00 p.m., when it’s time to return your unclaimed items to your home along with your newfound treasures.

– Clearly mark all items that you wish to swap as “FREE” and remove any items you wish to keep from your lawn and curb.
– Do not block roads/sidewalks with items.
– Obey all traffic laws and watch for children.
– Do not drive/walk on other people’s lawns.
– Do not discard items on someone else’s lawn/curb.

Check out for further information, including downloadable “FREE STUFF” signs