Police Notice of Thefts

Message from the Saskatoon Police Services:

The City Police would like to bring your attention to an increase of thefts in the communities of Buena Vista, Nutana as well as the Exhibition areas. This notice is to all of the East Side Community Associations, as this information, although mainly affecting the above noted neighborhoods, would be of interest to all area neighborhoods.

Bicycles, sports equipment, as well as tools are being stolen out of vehicles and outbuildings (detached garages, sheds). Saskatoon Police are noticing that the people responsible for the thefts are wandering around your neighborhoods at night checking door handles of vehicles, and buildings. If any vehicles, or building is found to be unlocked, these people help themselves to whatever property they can get ahold of.

Saskatoon Police Services are requesting that if you have anything of value, anything you don’t want stolen, Please take it into your homes. If you have bikes, please lock the bike up with appropriate bike locks, and then please lock the garage or outbuilding you have it stored in.

A laminated sign – “All Valuables Removed” – can be picked up from Saskatoon City Police, or if you have a group that you think would benefit from such a sign, an officer personally drop some off. They are used to place in your vehicle to deter people breaking in.

We are all responsible for the security of our homes, and property, and working together we can prevent crime.

Cst. Patrick Skinnider #664
East Community Liaison Officer
Saskatoon Police Services