What park project next?

What park project do we tackle next?

VVCA is asking for community feedback and ideas on parks and facilities in the Varsity View and Grosvenor Park neighbourhoods. With the Raoul Wallenberg park enhancement nearly complete and Albert Rec Unit hopefully beginning construction in fall of 2019, our major initiatives are wrapping up.

So, what’s next? We have been thinking about Albert Oulton Park (corner of Cumberland Avenue and 12th Street/Garrison Crescent), or Cumberland Park (Cumberland Avenue and 8th Street), or continue to further enhance Raoul Wallenberg Park (Munroe Avenue and 10th Street).

Google map of neighbourhood

Are there other parks or areas that need some love and attention? What should we accomplish in these (or other) areas? More benches? Bicycle racks? Games tables? Exercise equipment? Public art? Something else?

Feel free to email your ideas to the VVCA President, or find us at any community function to discuss your thoughts. Come out to the VVCA Summer BBQ on June 2 2019 in Raoul Wallenberg Park and chat with us. We’d love to get your input!