Fall 2020 Street Sweeping

RE: Time for your beauty sweep!! 2020 fall street sweeping starts October 13

The annual Fall Street Sweeping program gets underway Tuesday, October 13!
Cleaning up leaves in the fall helps prevents them from collecting in gutters causing flooding in the spring.

Only the leafiest streets in the following 11 neighbourhoods will be swept: Buena Vista, Caswell Hill, City Park, Exhibition, Holiday Park, King George, Mayfair, Meadow Green, Nutana, Riversdale and Varsity View.

Check out the area maps at saskatoon.ca/sweep to see which streets are included. Remember, no neighbourhoods have every road swept.

Watch for the yellow “No Parking” signs and move vehicles off the street by 7 a.m. on your sweeping day. Tickets and towing will occur so we can access the full curb lane.

How to prepare:

  1. Clean up leaves that can blow onto the street. Please do not push or blow leaves onto the street. This is illegal and residents may receive a Bylaw Notice. Excess leaves can delay the cleaning schedule or even cause the entire street to be skipped.
  2. Place leaves and yard clippings in your City of Saskatoon green cart or consider taking them to one of the City’s compost depots for free. Learn more at saskatoon.ca/compost.

Find your area sweeping sweeping schedule at saskatoon.ca/sweep. Stay up to date with the City of Saskatoon Service Alerts for any unexpected changes that may affect the sweeping schedule.