September board meeting

Overview of discussions at the Wednesday September 20, 2023 VVCA board meeting:

– presentation by Josh who is interested in planting trees along 14th Street pathway east of Cumberland. Discussions about process, costs, watering requirements, etc. Some concerns about drought conditions in City and tree survival. Proposal to be fleshed out with better costs.
– discussions about City’s College Corridor Plan session at Field House prior to meeting. Concerns about building height/storeys, access to bike lane on north side of College, bike and pedestrian crossing of busy College Drive, parking requirements.
– discussion about possible community-wide session/meeting about transportation in VV: bicycle, vehicle and pedestrian?
– 14th Street bikeway proposal may be coming to council this fall
– VVCA may be able to get both President Murray and Grosvenor Park ski trails done by City this winter. VVCA will submit both and see what happens. VVCA pays for grooming of trails 4-5 times a season.
– dead trees removed from President Murray park. No timeline for replacements yet.
– all programs are full and operating.
– two teams for soccer, U5 coed and U9 boys. May need a new coach for U5 in January. Possible purchase of new jerseys for U9 team.
– approved software purchase for newsletter editor.
– basketball numbers coming in.
– 4 families have volunteered to deliver newsletters.
– anticipate Albert Community Centre renovations to begin spring 2024 and last about a year. Hoping to minimize disturbance to tenants.
– upcoming project: review and update VVCA bylaws and constitution.
– VVCA to plan for a mission/vision session, including practical considerations on what projects to tackle in the community.

Next meeting: Wednesday October 18, 7PM.