November board meeting

Overview of discussions at the November 15 board meeting:
– a response from the City about the tree planting proposal is coming soon. Our City community consultant will review department comments and forward for VVCA discussion.
– pause on organization of the planning retreat for now.
– increase in pay rate for some long-term program instructors approved.
– discussion about Bridge City Hens proposal and whether there is community support for it. Tentatively supporting a pilot project with some caveats.
– inquiry if pickelball could be offered by VVCA. No available time and space. Other associations, field house, etc offer it though.
– discussions about possibility of asphalt or sports surface added to rink. Expensive. Could use for pickleball or other sports in non-winter months.
– some City training for community association board members coming up: cultural, accounting.
– some grants available for events, parks, rink.
– programs beginning January booked in system (updated on website). January 9 & 11 registration.
– looking for a skating instructor and soccer coordinator. Will only offer Learn to Skate program in 2024 if an instructor can be found.
– basketball is going fine, with two more weeks of skills before games start. No extra practice times available due to lack of school gym space.
– soccer teams doing well. Need a soccer coordinator. Soccer AGM is next week.
– VVCA equipment room in Brunskill School needs some attention.
– maintenance being done to rink boards while weather is good. Rubber mats from school to rink had been placed but an accidental slip and fall on mats has required them to be removed. Some donor signage has been damaged and will be replaced.
– newsletter content deadline was Nov. 15. Newsletter should be distributed to homes during Christmas break.
– website domain and hosting renewed.
– Albert Community Centre room booking coordinator has announced retirement. ACC Board is working to post position and hire replacement.
– Board social event in January?
– next meeting Wednesday December 20.