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City Growth Plan: Share your views with the City

Regarding the City of Saskatoon Corridor Growth Plan and development on Main Street – this will be discussed and voted on at the next City Council meeting, Tuesday February 22, 2021.If you wish to have your views known on either or both of these issues, consider writing a letter to your Councillor, or applying to speak at the Council meeting.

If you would like to mail a letter, address them to each councillor and to the mayor and send to: City Hall, 222 3rd Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0J5.

Ward 6 – Cynthia Block – Cynthia.Block@Saskatoon.ca
Other council members:
Ward 1 – Darren Hill – Darren.Hill@Saskatoon.ca
Ward 2 – Hilary Gough – Hilary.Gough@Saskatoon.ca
Ward 3 – David Kirton – David.Kirton@Saskatoon.ca
Ward 4 – Troy Davies – Troy.Davies@Saskatoon.ca
Ward 5 – Randy Donauer – Randy.Donauer@Saskatoon.ca
Ward 7 – Mairin Loewen – Mairin.Loewen@Saskatoon.ca
Ward 8 – Sarina Gersher – Sarina.Gersher@Saskatoon.ca
Ward 9 – Bev Dubois – Bev.Dubois@Saskatoon.ca
Ward 10 – Zach Jeffries – Zach.Jeffries@Saskatoon.ca
Mayor Charlie Clark – Charlie.Clark@Saskatoon.ca

Letters can be submitted up to the day before the meeting but requests to speak, or to have something on the council agenda, has to be in the Tuesday before council meets by noon (noon Tuesday the 16th).


Council, Standing Policy Committees, and Governance and Priorities Committee meetings are broadcast live, and can be viewed while the meeting is taking place. Please note that the video may take a moment or two to start playing on your computer and you will only see a live stream if a public meeting is in session. For past meetings, view archived broadcasts of meetings.