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Kidney Foundation Door-to-Door Campaign

In early 2016, the Saskatoon Branch of the Kidney Foundation of Canada will be conducting a campaign by telephone to recruit canvassers for our Door-to-Door Campaign, which will take place from March 11th – March 24nd 2016.

The Door-to-Door Campaign is a crucial component of our fundraising initiatives in Saskatoon, during which we rely almost entirely on volunteers. Many of our volunteers return year after year, but like any organization, we are always looking for new people to get involved and help this great cause.

The Saskatoon Branch of The Kidney Foundation of Canada is committed to reducing the burden of kidney disease by funding innovative research, providing education and support, and increasing public awareness of kidney health and organ donation.

All the funding directly benefits the people who need it the most.

Please give generously when a volunteer knocks on your door during the month of March. All volunteers will be able to write you an official tax receipt at the door.