Out of Your Tree fruit sharing co-op

Out of Your Tree in Saskatoon is an urban fruit sharing co-op.

GOAL: Keep edible produce from going to waste through cooperative harvesting before food ends up on the ground, in the compost or in the garbage

IDEA: Simple, a group of volunteers harvest the fruit. 1/3 is left with the home owner, 1/3 is donated and 1/3 is kept by the volunteers

ACTION: We need volunteers and we need produce. If you are interested in joining our harvesting team or if you have fruit bearing trees or other produce to share (rhubarb, apples, berries, vegetables, etc.) please register with us. Talk it up! The best way to get others involved is to ask them!

REWARDS: A great FLEXIBLE volunteer opportunity; get the kids involved. When a harvest opportunity comes in, we will contact the list of volunteers to see who is available. AND you get to take home fresh, locally grown produce. Excellent for the homeowner who gets their fruit harvested, contributes to the community and has less clean-up come fall.

Volunteers and tree owners can register online at http://outofyourtree.org and find us on Facebook.