Academic Strategist

“Success isn’t something that just happens – success is learned, success is practised and then it is shared.” ~ Sparky Anderson

Taking into account your learning style, strengths and specific learning challenges, an Academic Strategist helps you to understand how you learn best and guides you on how to achieve your academic goals. The Academic Strategist assists you in the development of useful tools that you can use to help you succeed in your studies.

Weekly sessions with the Strategist often include:
• Open collaboration with students to find tools & strategies that they are willing to use
• Support in the form of academic coaching, technology training, assistance with academic writing
• Reviewing the recommendations on personal psycho-educational assessment
• Providing a variety of strategies to improve learning and success
• Identifying barriers and providing strategies to overcome them
• Providing tools and resources to help students find balance, organization and efficiency
• Time management techniques
• Discussing possible technology that would assist learning
• Assistance navigating Student Loans and the paperwork associated with the Students with Permanent Disabilities – Grant Application

Cost may be covered by grants – please call us for more information.

To book an appointment with the Academic Strategist please contact our Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan Saskatoon office at (306) 652-4114 ext 4.