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Campus Advocate

RESULTS Canada (RC) is a non-profit national grassroots advocacy organization. For more than 30 years, we have worked to create the political will to end global poverty and demonstrate that individuals can make a difference when they employ their political power. A central element of our work is educating citizens and decision-makers about key problems and solutions associated with extreme poverty. To learn more watch our video here [http://www.results-resultats.ca/en/get-involved/].

Are you a post-secondary student looking for meaningful extra-curricular experience, and leadership opportunity?
Are you passionate about international development and sustainable solutions to end global poverty?
Do you want to be a part of an international community of advocates?
Would you like to learn and practice powerful communication skills and techniques in order to influence decision-makers?
Are you a change maker who wants to take actions having impact in the lives of millions of people?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then this opportunity could be the right fit for you! Central to RESULTS Canada’s mission are its citizen advocates, passionate people who convene to take action on and create change around the world’s most pressing issues. For the upcoming school year we are looking for enthusiastic leaders who want to take on the challenge of being an ambassador for RESULTS. Included below are some of the volunteer roles we are looking to fill. Please take a look to see which seems like the best fit for you.

Group Leader and Co-Leader will:
• Take advocacy actions on a RESULTS campaign. (Training provided)
• Inspire and lead a group of student volunteers to collectively learn and take actions on solutions to end extreme poverty. (Material and support provided)
• Mobilize the group to engage their wider community about issues and solutions to end extreme poverty and about the power of citizen’s voices.
• Support and coordinate the roles of the members in the team, and liaise with the RESULTS National Office and Community.

Outreach Ambassador will:
• Take advocacy actions on a RESULTS campaign. (Training provided)
• Reach out to students, teachers and community members to expand the reach of your RESULTS Canada group.
• Develop an outreach strategy to engage more people in taking advocacy actions on a RESULTS campaigns.

Logistics Ambassador will:
• Take advocacy actions on a RESULTS campaign. (Training provided)
• Coordinate bookings of rooms, meetings, tables and banner space.
• Manage database of contacts.

Internal Relations Ambassador will:
• Take advocacy actions on a RESULTS campaign. (Training provided)
• Liaise with club administration, other Club’s executives and, with the leader/co-leader, with RESULTS National Office and Community.
• Liaise and partner with other clubs in order to get more people involved in our campaigns against extreme poverty.

Promotions Ambassador will:
• Take advocacy actions on a RESULTS campaign. (Training provided)
• Manage the chapter’s social media presence.
• With the support of the National Office, create promotional materials to use on campus.
• Liaise with student and community media outlets, such as radio and newspapers.

As a RESULTS Canada advocate, you will have the chance to apply to participate in the group leader retreat and the RESULTS National conference happening. These two events are happening in Ottawa in 2018 and will offer valuable leadership training, networking and advocacy experiences. We will be providing a certain amount of bursaries to attend these events. In addition, there are always opportunities to apply for funding for events such as the annual International Conference in Washington were volunteers use their advocacy skills in a meeting with the World Bank, as an example.

To apply please fill out this form (https://resultscda.typeform.com/to/uiWWCh). If you have any questions you can send a message to Michele Bruneau at michele@results-resultats.ca

Academic Strategist

“Success isn’t something that just happens – success is learned, success is practised and then it is shared.” ~ Sparky Anderson

Taking into account your learning style, strengths and specific learning challenges, an Academic Strategist helps you to understand how you learn best and guides you on how to achieve your academic goals. The Academic Strategist assists you in the development of useful tools that you can use to help you succeed in your studies.

Weekly sessions with the Strategist often include:
• Open collaboration with students to find tools & strategies that they are willing to use
• Support in the form of academic coaching, technology training, assistance with academic writing
• Reviewing the recommendations on personal psycho-educational assessment
• Providing a variety of strategies to improve learning and success
• Identifying barriers and providing strategies to overcome them
• Providing tools and resources to help students find balance, organization and efficiency
• Time management techniques
• Discussing possible technology that would assist learning
• Assistance navigating Student Loans and the paperwork associated with the Students with Permanent Disabilities – Grant Application

Cost may be covered by grants – please call us for more information.

To book an appointment with the Academic Strategist please contact our Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan Saskatoon office at (306) 652-4114 ext 4.

University student project: Varsity View & U of S

My name is Megan Vandendriessche and I am a Regional and Urban Planning student at the University of Saskatchewan. For one of my classes, entitled INCC 310: Cultural Heritage Mapping, I am focusing on examining the cultural influences that the University of Saskatchewan has had on shaping the development of Varsity View from 1907 to present day. I am interested in any sources or stories that may help me determine these influences. I hope to share my findings with the Community of Varsity View when the project is finished.

If you, or know someone who would have some information to share, please do not hesitate to contact me at: mlv304@mail.usask.ca BEFORE April 1st, 2014.

Canada Homestay is Looking for Host Families

Canada Homestay International is looking for host families! We invite you to open your heart and your home to an international student who will be coming to study in Saskatoon in the fall. We provide you with first language support, a student who is matched to your interests and preferences, orientation and 24-hour emergency support, and a generous stipend.

Students will be adults (18+) attending programs such as Business, Nursing, Engineering at SIAST. They will have at least an intermediate level of English and will be from countries such as Korea, Japan, China, India, Mexico, and Brazil.

For further information and to apply online, go to canadahomestaynetwork.ca.

Questions? Contact us via email: siast@canadahomestayinternational.com or by phone: (306) 667-3825 ext. 2080.